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Practical Application

A user reports that their computer is running considerably slower after visiting a website. The user's PC has a current antivirus package that is running correctly. Which of the following should the technician do first in order to diagnose the problem? Run an anti-spyware tool.
Which of the following protocols would a technician use to run commands on a remote computer? TELNET
Which of the following groups should a user be added to for the ability to restore files, without granting any ownership privileges? Backup Operators
A customer wants to change the file system on a Windows 2000 PC from FAT32 to NTFS without destroying data. Which of the following is correct? From the command line run CONVERT C:/FS:NTFS
An inkjet printer has poor color registration. Which of the following should be done first to resolve the problem? Calibrate the device.
A technician needs to upgrade memory on a laptop with one available memory slot. The type and amount of memory has been confirmed to be correct. Once the new memory is added, the BIOS reports the original memory size. What is next step to perform? Reseat the laptop memory.
An assistant in a company unexpectedly falls ill the week before a major company merger. The assistant was responsible for maintaining all of the files concerning the merger and used NTFS permissions on the folders to keep them protected. No passwords? Log in as administrator and assign ownership of the files to the assistant's manager.
A customer reports that their sound is not working. They state that the speakers worked previously. Which of the following should the technician check? (select three) 1 Speakers are on and the mute is off. 2 The audio driver is installed correctly. 3 Speakers are plugged into the correct jack.
A technician is setting up a secure SOHO network. Which of the following items needs to be setup on the network? SSID, encryption type, encryption key, a channel
Which of the following is the effective bandwidth of a 100BASE-TX network card when full-duplex is enabled? 200MBps
A user is having trouble printing. The technician determines that the print queue has stalled and the print spooler service has stopped. Which of the following can be used to restart the print spooler? Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Select Print Spooler>Start.
When using a cable select configuration for multiple ATA hard drives, which of the following pin numbers is used to communicate the drive that is selected as master? 28
A technician's system is displaying the error message 'Missing operating system'. The system will not boot up. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the error? (select two) The MBR is not reading the volume boot record (VBR)., The CMOS battery is not functional.
A technician is replacing a wireless router on an existing small office home office (SOHO) network. The SSID, WPA and DHCP information has been correctly added. Which of the following must also be addressed? The administrative password needs to be changed.
A technician is troubleshooting software that was supposed to startup when the PC powered on. The software failed to start. Which of the following should the technician use to investigate the issue? Application
A user reports that email is working but they are unable to access the Internet. Which of the following is the next step in solving the issue? Check the DNS server.
A customer cannot print certain PDF documents on their laser printer. The print job in is a multi-page large PDF with multiple colors. Which of the following is the most likely solution? Add additional memory to the laser printer.
During POST a beep can be heard, and the computer does not boot. Which of the following best describes the problem? RAM failure
A technician is attempting to determine whether a CAT5 patch cord is a straight-thourgh or a crossover. Which of the following is the best to use to determine the cord type? Cable tester
Which of the following groups should staff accounts be placed in, if the staff is required to perform most but not all maintenance tasks on a Windows PC? Power Users
Which of the following commands will examine and restore protected system files? SFC
An error reports that some of the Windows system files are missing or corrupt. Which of the following is the best tool to use to resolve this problem? SFC
A technician is repairing a computer that will not boot up after replacing the power supply. Which of the following should the technician check next? Motherboard
A computer just had a memory upgrade installed on the machine. Upon boot, the system does not recognize the new memory even though it is listed as being compatible on the manufacturer's website. Which of the following is most likely needed to resolve? BIOS update
A technician discovers that a newly purchased SDHC card will not function properly in a laptop's card reader slot, the older SD cards work without any issue. The technician verifies on the manufacturer's website that the SDHC cards are compatible with the Install the latest firmware and drivers.
Which of the following commands would be used to display hidden files? dir/a
A user has installed a second hard drive into a computer and receives a message stating 'invalid Boot Volume. Which of the following should a technician recommend to solve this problem? Set the jumpers on both hard drives to C/S.
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