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toxicology and therapeutic drug monitoring

Cannabinoids are found in Marijuana
When the rate of drug metabolism equals the rate of metabolism and excretion is known as Steady state
Peak levels of a therapeutic drug should be drawn _____ a dose 1 hour
Gentamicin and tobramycin are included in which class of therapeutic drugs? Antibiotics
Which therapeutic drug is associated with Red Man's Syndrome? Vancomycin
What is referred to as the date rape drug? GHB
Cyclosporine and tacrolimus are two therapeutic drugs commonly measured following an Organ transplant
Reyes syndrome in children and adolescents is a toxic effect of what drug? Salicylate
Theophylline belongs to which class of drugs? Bronchodilators
What drug is used to treat Bipolar disorder? Lithium
Which group of drugs are used to treat cold and allergy reactions? amphetamines
Which alcohol is converted to formaldehyde by the liver and can lead to death? Methanol
The first pass effect of drug metabolism occurs in which major organ in the body? Liver
What are some of the specimen requirements for alcohol toxicology testing? Performed on plasma, serum, and whole blood Do not use alcohol prep pad Keep specimen capped
What antipychotic drugs takes 2-4wks for the therapeutic effect to occur? Doxepin and Imipramine
What is the therapeutic drug monitoring? The dose gives maximal therapeutic effect and the minimal toxic effect.
Most drugs are bound to what in the body? Proteins
Digoxin belongs to what class of drugs? Cardioactive
Chronic toxicity is due to repeated frequent doses over time
Methods of alcohol testing Enzymatic, gas chromatography, and Osmolarity
Anti hypertensive drugs like sodium nitroprusside's primary role in treating high blood pressure. dilate arteries and veins
Group 1 analytes Acetaminophen, Salicylate, Ethanol, and Carbon monoxide
This synthetic substance is associated with toxic hepatitis, stroke, and MI Anabolic steroids
Aminoglycerides are used to treat gram negative bacteria
The distribution of an administered drug into interstitial and intracellular fluid depends on which physiological factors? Blood flow, capillary permeability, binding of drugs to proteins, and tissue volume.
Amphetamines are described as Psychomotor stimulants that act by releasing monoamines from nerve terminals in the brain
Drugs that bind to physiological receptors & mimic the regulatory effect of endogenous signaling compounds agonists
Elimination half life is the time it takes for the amount of drug in the blood to reduce by 50%
What type of drug is Tacrolimua? Immunosuppressant
What is the major organ involved in drug absorption liver
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