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Luo connecting point

Luo connecting points

LU7 tx headache, pain of neck/nape, wind disorders; channel spreads through thenar eminence, thus treats thumb disorders
LI6 tx acute edema which occurs when external wind disrupts the function of Lu in regulating water passages. channel ascends to ears, thus treats ear disorders, e.g. tinnitus and deafness
ST40 assists transformation of phlegm which accumulates when the SP's transportation and transformation function impaired; channel terminates at throat, thus treats swelling/pain of throat, throat painful obsruction w/sudden loss of voice and plumstone throat
SP4 harmonises fn of ST and intestines and treats both upper (ST) and lower (SP) pain; channel enters abdomen, connects w/Intestines & ST to treat pain/disharmony in both areas
SI7 regulates and calms Ht spirit, treats many psycho-emotl disorders (mania-depression, fear/fright, sadness/anxiety, restless zang disorder)
BL58 treat KI deficiency and cold in lower part of body and uprising of yang along BL channel to head
PC6 treats nausea/vomiting; channel descends though upper to lower jiaos also insomnia, epilepsy, mania, poor memory fear,sadness
GB37 eye disorders d/t LR disharmony
HT5 ascends to root of tongue, treats stiffness of tongue and speech impairment, esp after windstroke also frequent yawning/growning w/sadness,anger, sadness, frequent agitation with burning sensation of HT, depression
KI4 channel ascends to pt below PC; treats palpitations, restless, agitation of HT w/fullness & vomiting
Created by: sarya1