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MEDT 132 Final

Final Exam Material

A form provided by chemical manufacturers containing general information, safe handling, and emergency information regarding a particular chemical is called a(n)? material safety data sheet
The term blood-borne pathogens most commonly refers to: HBV and HIV
Which procedure is most basic and effective in preventing the spread of infectious diseases in the hospital environment? Washing hands between each patient contact
The three components of the chain of infection are: source, mode of transmission, susceptible host
What is the best type of fire extinguisher to use with chemicals? ABC
Chemical compounds used to remove or kill microorganisms on work surfaces or instruments are called: Disinfectants
Which isolation systems, established by the CDC is based on a diagnosis of a communicable disease, and includes a category titled "AFB isolation"? category specific isolation
An infection control program that includes monitoring specific patient population groups and classification of infection is called: surveillance
Microscope with objects appear dark against white background. Used for most routine clinical work. Brightfield microscope
Microscope with Objects appear white aginst a black background. Good for live microorganisms. Darkfield microscope
Microscope with two special filters. Excitation filter and emission filter. Objects appear green, yellow, or orange against a black background Fluorescent microscope
Microscope with subtle differences in refractive index are converted into clear-cut variations of light intensity and contrast. Good for living cells, unstained specimens. Phase contrast microscope
Microscope with two crossing filters. Objects that can refract light appear white against a black background. Good for identification of crystals in urine. Polarizing microscope
The total magnification of a microscope is determined by both the power of the objective and the Objective
Eyepiece on the left. Adjusted to correct the focus for the individual's visual acuity Adjustable ocular
Eyepiece for right eye. Adjusted for focus first. Stationary ocular
Mathematical expression of light admitted by lens. Numerical aperture
Object in the center of a field at one magnification remains in the center of the field at other magnifications Parcentric
Ability to reveal fine detail and distinguish between two close points. Resolution
Distance between the slide and the objective. working distance
What part of the microscope enables workers to quickly locate the same blood cell again on slides that have been removed and replaced on the microscope stage? Mechanical stage
The function of a condenser on a microscope is to Direct and focus the light through the specimen
The part of the microscope that controls the intensity of light from the lamp is the Rheostat
Extra care must be taken in focusing the 100X objective because it has a short working distance
T/F: Type I reagent grade water is required for all laboratory procedures. False
The term used to denote specific procedures within a program designed to ensure quality patient care is: quality control
The federal law that requuires all labs to meet acceptable standards of accuracy in test results is CLIA 1988
If a phlebotomist forcibly collects a blood specimen from a patient after the patient has refused the test, the phlebotomist can be charged with: Battery
If a patient is not in his or her room, how should the phlebotomis locate the patient? Ask at the nurse's station
During an Ivy bleeding time procedure, the blood pressure cuff should be positioned: Above the antecubital crease
The specimen for fibrin degradation products (FDP) is collected in: A red-stoppered tube
Blue-stoppered tubes are used primarily for the following assay: Prothrombin Time
When performing a venipuncture it is important to remove the tube from the needle before removing the needle from the patient s arm in order to: Prevent blood from dripping from the needle
What effect will dislodging the platelet plug have on the bleeding time results? Falsely elevated
The coefficient of variation is the Standard deviation expressed as a percentage of the mean
The term that means reproducibility among repeat determinations of a sample is: Precision
In a normal distribution of results, the mean value +/- 2 standard deviations will exclude: 5% of the population
Instructions that tell the computer hardware to do specific functions Program
The physical or "hard" parts of the computer. Hardware
Instructions directing the computer hardware to do specific functions. Software
Program allowing two computers to interchange data electronically. Interface
Organization of the data in the computer Database
Comparison of a patient result with a previous result for that same patient. Delta Check
Electronic portion of a computer. Controls and performs the execution of programs or instructions CPU
Working memory used for temporary storage of programs and data. RAM
Memory in computer permanently protected from being modified. Used for boot-level and other system instructions ROM
Magnetic-coated device/plate inside the CPU for storing data Hard drive
Computer components in laboratory providing patient information, test information, work lists, test results LIS
Computer network that connects computers and their equipment in close geographic proximity LAN
When test results are beyond the upper or lower limits of the accepted range, the test is Out of control
When there are five or six consecutive values that continue to increase or decrease on a Levey-Jennings chart, it is called a trend
The most frequent value in a collection of data is statistically known at the: Mode
The value in a sample that is the middle one of all the values is the median
About 99 percent of control-test results fall within +/- 2 standard deviations. FALSE
The term that means reproducibility among repeat determinations of a sample is: precision
In a normal distribution of results, the mean value +/- 3 standard deviations will exclude: 1% of the population
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