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Xi-Cleft Points

Xi-Cleft point indications

LU 6 acute diseases of Lu and for disorders of blood.acute cough, wheezing, or asthma of any pattern
LI 7 treat acute disorders and pain affecting LI channel. clear heat and detoxify poison in cases of clove sores, carbuncle and furuncle, throat painful obstruction, and heat/swelling of face
ST34 treat acute disorders, i.e. breast pain and breast abscess;acute epigastric pain
SP8 resolves blood stasis in uterus and lower abdomen; treat dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and abdominal masses in women
Ht 6 treat severe and unbearable HT pain due to blood stasis treat bleeding disorders d/t excess heat agitating blood treat disorders of sweating
SI 6 treat severe pain of shoulder,scapular, arm; treat acute contraction/sprain of lumbar region
BL63 treat sudden shan disorder, sudden turmoil disorder(acute vomiting/diarrhea) with cramps treat epilepsy treat joint pain d/t painful obstruction
KI5 treat amenorrhea, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, and delayed menstruation characterized by blood def or blood stasis
PC4 treat acute blood stasis in chest and heart,giving rise to pain. treat hot reckless bleeding in upper jiao manifesting as nose bleed, vomiting or cough of blood
GB36 treat painful skin associated with painful obstruction and atrophy disorder, and rabies
LR6 blood stasis in uterus, shan disorder and lower abdominal pain
BL 59 xi-cleft pt of yang motility vessel
KI8 xi-cleft pt of yin motility vessel treat irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea,amenorrhea, and esp uterine bleeding
GB35 xi-cleft pt for Yang linking vessel
KI9 xi-cleft pt of yin linking vessel treats acue and severe mental disorders, e.g. madness, mania, raving, vomiting foamy saliva and tongue thrusting
TE7 no relevant indications
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