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Affirmative Defense admit to the facts of the complaint, but claim there is no liability
Arbitration neutral 3rd party renders a legally binding decision
Case Law Also know as common law Doctrines is a body of judge made law based on doctrines and principles announced in court cases governs all areas of law not covered by statutory or administrative law
Civil Law defines the rights between individuals or individuals and governments
The Commerce Clause gives congress the power to regulate interstate commerce between nations and states and indian tribes
discovery process by which parties obtain information from the opposing party prior to trial
Establishment Clause prohibits government from establishing a state sponsor religion
Federal Question rights or obligations of a party are created or defined by some federal law
Motion For JNOV after the verdict, granted only if the jury's verdict was unreasonable and bias
Patriot Act after 9/11 created to provide info to prevent further attacks
Plaintiff party initiating a law suit
privileges and immunities clause prevents state from imposing unreasonable burdens on citizens of another state
Question of Law concerns the application of the law (judge determines)
Sarbanes Oxley Act requires companies to set up a confidential system so that employees or others can report suspected illegal or unethical behavior
Stakeholder Approach corporations have a duty not only to shareholders but other groups affected by corporate actions
Statutory Law laws enacted by legislative bodies such as congress or state legislatures
Supremacy Clause in case of direct conflict between state and federal law, state is invalid
Unitarianism action is ethical based on whether it produces the greatest good for the greatest number of people
Venue location for the trial
Writ of certiorari order from the court to a lower court requiring or allowing them to send the case for review
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