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AL 254 Part 5

Management of OT services

Adminstration The process of guiding an organization through the authoritative control of others of others completed by the governing body of organization.
Management The process of guiding a work unit through future work obligations, organizing employees into functional units, directing employees in the process of completing daily work tasks and controlling work processes and systems to ensure adequate work output.
Supervision The process of guiding an organization through authoritative control of others completed by the governing body of the organization.
What are the 4 Managerial Functions? 1. Planning. 2. Organizing and Staffing 3. Controlling 4. Directing
Planning The process of deciding what to do by setting performance objectives and activities that need to be carried out to accomplish these objectives.
Organizing and Staffing Designing workable units, determining lines of authority and developing and managing patterns of coordination.
Organizational charts usually include Major functions by dept, relationships of functions and depts, channels of supervision, lines of authority and communication, positions by job title within depts. or units.
Directing providing guidance and leadership for work so that work is congruent with goals .
Controlling Establishing performance standards, measuring, evaluating and correcting performance.
Quality Control is used to intervene when the quality or quantity of work falls below predetermined measures.
Continuous Quality Improvement used to improve customer satisfaction by constantly striving to meet customer expectations.
What are the four processes in this cycle? 1. Plan 2. Do 3. Act 4. Check
Financial Management A comprehensive understanding of the goals and objectives of the larger organization to establish priorities for funding that support this mission over time.
What should managers learn? Financial management, information management technologies- ex. spreadsheets.
Technology and Management include computer software programs to clinical equipment such as driving simulators and environmental controls.
Managers should synthesize information including cost of initial purchase, maintenance, space, and training requirements. The rate at which technology is advancing is some technology may become outdated.
What are the four steps that are identified in the marketing process? Organizational assessment, Environmental assessment, Market analysis and Marketing communications
Organizational Assessment Examination of the factors within an organization that will influence the development and promotion of a new product or service.
Environmental Assessment Examination of the data and other forms of evidence, including the needs of target populations, that will guide the development and promotion of a new product or service.
Market analysis Use of information gained during organizational and environmental assessments to validate perceptions of the wants and needs of the target populations that will receive a new product or service.
Marketing communications Packaging and promoting a product so the target populations and other key stakeholders in the new product or service have a clear understanding of what the product or service is and how it may be accessed.
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