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The Color of Water

Review Game Ch. 1-4

Who is the author of The Color of Water? James McBride
What two perspectives do we experience throughout this memoir? James McBride's upbringing/perspective and his mother's experiences (Ruth)
Why is Ruth viewed as "dead?" She converted to a new religion. Left the Jewish faith.
Who does Ruth feel bad for? Why does she have a guilty conscience? Ruth feels guilty about changing her religion only because of her mother. Ruth's mom was gentle, meek, and innocent, the opposite of her father.
Describe what "spending time with mom" was like? All the (12) children in James's family were competing for her attention.
What does James realize is so different about his mom compared to his friends'/classmates' mothers? His mom is white and all his friends' moms are black.
Who does Ruth tend to favor, her father or mother? Her mother.
What debilitating disease does Ruth's mom suffer from? Polio
What was the reason why James's mom rode her bicycle? It was her way of mourning/grieving.
Who was James's father figure growing up? His stepfather
Why is the story of James's stepfather tragic? One day he was there, the next, he wasn't. His stepfather died of an unexpected stroke.
Who was the commander in chief of James's household while he was growing up? His mother (Ruth)
Although James was nervous about riding the bus to Kindergarten, he seemed distracted and very happy to be.... walking to the bus stop with his mother. The first time he recalls having one-on-one time with her.
What was the real purpose why Ruth's father married his mother? So he could get to the United States
What threats does Ruth's father make against Ruth and her mother? "I'm a citizen, you are not. I'll send you back to Europe."
Who were positive role models for Ruth while she was growing up? (besides her mother) Her grandparents
Why was she nervous when her grandfather passed away? She thought they buried him too quickly and he might have been still alive.
What did James compare trading baseball cards to? The way him and his siblings would share information they found out about his mother.
What does it mean if Malcolm X grew larger in death than life? His teachings/philosophy accrued more followers after he was killed..
How old was James when the Black Panthers were a force? 9
Why was James so scared of "black power?" Because he feared for his mother's life
What was the immigrant mentality? To work hard, no nonsense, quest for excellence, distrust of authority figures, and a deep belief in God & education
What was so unique and surprising about James's mom (being that she was white, wondering the streets of Brooklyn)? She was fearless and oblivious. She did not fear her own safety in environments that she didn't seem to belong in.
How did Ruth react when she was mugged in front of James? She struggled to keep her purse but eventually lost it. She shrugged off the experience and told James calmly "It's just a purse. Don't worry about it. Let's get home."
Why did James punch the kid sitting behind him on the bus? The kid's father was a Blank Panther. James feared his mother's safety because she was standing next to that man when James's bus took off.
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