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Cisco CCNA ICND book (CIsco Press Book)

you just unpacked a 2950 from the box what commands are necessary to be able to remotely access the swtich int vlan1; ip address <addr> <subnet>; ip default-gateway <address>
how would you set the speed on interface 15 on a 2950 int f0/15 speed 100
how would you set full duplex on port 20 on a 2950 int f0/20 duplex full
how would you define port security for a particular mac address int f0/20 switchport port-security mac-address <addr_here>
how would you set port security violation of shutdown on port 21 on a 2950 int f0/21 switchport port-security violation shutdown
how would you see a one line status on all of the interfaces on a 2950 show int status
how would you view port security on interface 10 show port-security interface f0/10
how would you erase a startup configuration on a 2950 erase startup-config
how would you view trunking information on a 2950 show trunk
how would you view status information on vlan 14 on a 2950 show interfaces vlan 14
how would you view the mac address table on a 2950 show mac-address-table dynamic
what is the difference between sticky and non sticky port security sticky the first time a system is plugged it and packets traverse the switch the mac address associated with that system will stick and any other system will in hence be in violation
how would you set interface 16 into port-security with a sticky configuration int f0/16; switchport port-security mac-address sticky
root bridge is what the switch that does all of the forwarding based on election
what protocol defines STP 802.1d
the protocol defines the bridge priority field as a N byte field that can contain values of 2 bytes 0-65535 lower being higher
with the STP process what happens once a root has been identified the other switches stop advertising themselves as root and start advertising the hello sent by the better switch except they will increase the cost
how does a switch determine root port port with the lowest cost
what is the cost heirarchy with the new IEEE 10GB 2; 1GB 4; 100MB 19; 10MB 100
what is the default interval for STP on 2950 2 seconds
what is the max time fror STP 20 seconds 10 times hello before trying to change STP topology
forward delay is what delay that affects the time involved when an interface changes from blocking to forwarding. A port stays in listening state and then learning state for a number of seconds defined here
what happens when a switch no longer hears hellos from the root bridge after the maxage timer expires the switch will announce itself as the root via hello
if you have a situation where you have 3 switches and each are connected to eachother and the connection between 1 and 3 fails what happens after maxage expires switch 3 starts to announce itself as the root bridge, however, hello are still coming in with switch root as the root bridge with a higher cost as going through switch 2. Switch 3 cedes to swtich 1 and sets the link between 3 and 2
how long would it take to converge if you have a three switches each connected to eachother and the link between 1 and 3 fails 50 seconds because 20 seconds for maxage, then transition from listening to forwarding takes forward delay takes 15 seconds, then forward delay to forwarding takes another 15
when a switch precipitates a network change what does it do after the maxage time runs out it sends a Topology change notification (TCN) BPDU out the other port. Other switch gets it and times out all MAC entries using maxage and forwards TCN BPDU to root switch.
by default it takes 50 seconds to converge all the switches if a link goes down what are some of the best ways to decrease the times it takes to go through that process make use of etherchannel for trunks STP treats the etherchannel as a single interface
by default it takes 50 seconds to converge all the switches if a link goes down what are some of the best ways to decrease the times it takes to go through that process RSTP 802.1w
Created by: vigorous_one