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Network+ Final

Final Review

How many layers does the OSI model contain? 7
NICS send and receive binary data as pulses of all of the following except: gamma rays
Which layer of the OSI model uses routers and IP addresses to ensure that packets arrive at the correct system? Network
What is the Network layer unique identifier assigned to each device on a TCP/IP network? IP Address
Which of the following is another name for a MAC address? Physical
A MAC address is composed of which two parts? the organizationally unique identifier and the unique device ID of the NIC
Select the one function below that a NIC does NOT perform. It routes data across the most efficient route on the network
What device do you need to split large network into smaller ones? Router
Which of the following statements best describes an IP address? It is a unique dotted decimal number assigned to every network node
Which of the following is a broadcast MAC address? FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF
At which of the OSI model does network cabling belong? Physical
Most network technologies that is fiber-optic is which type of fiber optic cables? multimode
What kind of cable is describes as a central conductor wire, surrounded by insulating materials, placed inside a braided metal shield? coaxial
What type of fiber-optic cable uses lasers to send signals? single-mode
Which kind of cabling would you select when you need to cover distances that span kilometers? fiber-optic
Which connector is used for UTP cabling on a network? RJ-45
UTP category ratings are based on what? The highest frequency and bandwidth that the cable can handle
Which of the following cable types does NOT use copper wires? fiber-optic
Which kind of cable does not provide any protection against EMI? UTP
Of the following, which is the fastest category of UTP cabling? CAT6
What does it mean if a NIC runs in promiscuous mode? It processes all frames
What kind of cabling does the 10BaseFL standard specify? Fiber-Optic
What is the meaning of the "10" in 10BaseT? maximum speed of 10 Mbps
Which of the following statements best describes the preamble of an Ethernet frame? It includes 64-bits of alternating ones and zeros that ends with 11 to notify the receiving NIC that a frame is starting
What is the maximum distance between a hub and a node on a 10BaseT network? 100 Meters
Which of the following is true of an Ethernet hub? It reads a signal coming in from one port and repeats the signal out to the other ports.
Which standard specifies multimode cabling? 10BaseFL
When a collision occurs on a network relying on the CSMA/CD access method, what alerts the NICs? overlapping signals
How many pins does an RJ-45 connector have? 8
Which type of cabling does the 10BaseT standard specify? UTP
What general type of cabling is a tech most likely to use when installing Ethernet cabling in areas with high electrical interference? fiber-optic
If you have a 100BaseT switched Ethernet network, what is the theoretical maximum bandwidth using full duplex NICs? 200 Mbps
What is the limit to the number of nodes in every version of Ethernet? 1024
What "R" in the standard 10GBaseSR stands for which type of signaling? LAN
What is the maximum cable length for a 1000BaseT network? 100 meters
The specification for 100BaseTX calls for UTP cabling using__________or better rated cabling. CAT 5e
What type of fiber-optic cabling and connectors does a 100BaseFX network use? Multimode with ST or SC connectors
The "W" in the standard 10BaseSW stands for which type of signaling? SONET/WAN
This term is used to refer to any of the several variations of Ethernet that operate at 100 Mbs. Fast Ethernet
When a multispeed, auto-sensing 100BaseT NIC connects to a 10BaseT Ethernet hub, at what speed will the NIC function? 10 Mbps sending and receiving
How many binary digits are inan IPv4 address? 32
Which of the following is a valid IP address for an individual system expressed in dotted-decimal notation?
What is the MAC broadcast address? FF.FF.FF.FF.FF.FF
At which layer of the TCP/IP protocol stack do HTTP, FTP, and DNS reside? Application Layer
What is the default subnet mask for a class C network?
Which of the following automatically gives out IP information to computers that request it? DHCP
Which of the following is another way of representing the subnet mask /24
What is the de facto protocol suite of the Internet? TCP/IP
What is the range of decimal values in each of the four groups (octets) of an IPv4 address? 0 to 255
Which of the following protocols is connection-oriented? TCP
Some manufacturers, such as Cisco, use this term to refer to either overloaded NAT or port forwarding. Port Address Translation (PAT)
What is the term used for the passage of a packet through a router? hop
Which type of NAT is the most popular? PAT
Routers using the OSPF protocol are organized into these groups. Areas
IN a NAT router, what is the name for an arbitrary number generated by the sending computer? source port
What is the protocol developed by Cisco for enterprise-wide routing environments? EIGRP
When a NAT router uses this in conjunction with IP addresses, it helps to solve the two problems of security and limited IP addresses. TCP/IP port numbers
On a TCP/IP network, what information within a packet does a router use to determine where an incoming packet should go? destination IP addresses
What is the one protocol used on the Internet for communication between Autonomous Systems? Border Gateway Protocol (BGP-4)
With this type of NAT, many computers can share a pool of routable IP addresses that number fewer than the computers. Dynamic NAT
When troubleshooting a potential wireless hardware problem, open this Windows utility to see if there is an error or conflict with the wireless adapter. Device Manager
What type of unit is formed by a single WAP servicing a given area? Basic Service Set (BSS)
Which of the following is a method for limiting access to your wireless network based on the physical addresses of wireless NICs? MAC address filtering
What method of extending a wireless network creates an Extended Service Set? adding a WAP
This data encryption standard is the weakest of the wireless encryption standard of the wireless encryption standards, with many problems, including encryption that is easy to break; it only encrypts the Data Link and Physical layers, the key is static... Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)
This encryption standard uses a 128-bit block cipher that is more difficult to crack that the 128-bit TKIP wrapper of the previous standard. Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2)
Which Wi-Fi standard offers speeds of up to 100 Mbps (or higher), a range of up to about 200 feet, and operates in the 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz frequencies? 802.11n
Which of the following is used to describe a portion of available spectrum? channel
Which term applies to how well your wireless device is connecting to other devices? signal strength
When configuring a WAP, set this to something unique and easily identified, and follow up by giving this same name on all wireless hosts that should connect to this network. SSID
This term describes any program that sends information about you or your computer over the Internet without your consent. Spyware
This type of device accepts something of the user, such as a fingerprint, retina scan, or voiceprint in place of password. Biometric devices
This term describes an unauthorized person who is intentionally trying to access resources on your network. Hacker
What firewall technology allows or denies access to a network according to the MAC address of the computer seeking access? MAC filtering
What is the name for the most recent and more nefarious form of social engineering tactics? Phishing
What type of attack uses zombie computers to bring a network down under a massive number of requests? DDOS
This is a network's first line of defense against external threats. Firewall
This term describes several methods for spreading data across multiple drives. RAID
Network components will fail, and you can sum up the best protection against such failure in one word. Redundancy
This common technique, employed at the edge of a network, eliminates the need for public IP addresses on private network whiles hiding the actual addresses of internal network hosts. Network Address Translation (NAT)
Which of the following is the most limiting factor in a host's ability to run virtual machines? RAM
All of the following are virtual machine managers EXCEPT: Snes9X
Which of the following operating systems, when added as a virtual machine, requires a separate, licensed copy? Microsoft Windows
What is the term for an environment created by software, with sight and sound provided by video and audio equipment, primarily used for gaming and simulation? virtual reality
A virtual machine that is not powered on is stored as a: set of files
Which of the following describes software or hardware that converts the commands to and from the host machine into an entirely different platform? emulator
Which of the following requires an underlying operating system in order to create and manage virtual machines? virtual machine manager (VMM)
What is another term for a virtual machine? guest
Which of the following terms describe a point-in-time backup of a virtual machine? snapshot
Which of the following creates a complete environment for a guest operating system to function as though that operating system were installed on its own computer? visualization
What function is being used if a packet is sent to port 80? Web browsing
A communication between computers that begins with an acknowledgement, followed by a message, and ends with a closing acknowledgement is which type of communication? connection-oriented
What is the name for the number used by the operating system to track all running programs? process ID (PID)
This is the secure counterpart of HTTP: HTTPS
Most computer connections use this Transport layer protocol: TCP
Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are examples of this type of TCP/IP application: Web client
This type of port has a number in the 1024 to 49151 range: registered port
What protocol handles outgoing e-mail? SMTP
This is the underlying protocol on the World Wide Web: HTTP
What name is given to the port numbers in the range of 0 to 1023? well-known port numbers
What is the best tool for testing DNS? ping
Which of the following would confirm that you have a DNS problem? PING works with the IP address, but not with the FQDN
Which of the following is NOT a top-level domain name? .html
Which of the following characters is not permitted in a DNS domain or host name? Spaces
What organization oversees the registration of domain names? ICANN
Which of the following statements is true about DNS root services? They have the complete definitive name resolution table
What enables a DNS server to determine an FQDN by knowing the IP address? Reverse Lookup Zones
Which of the following is NOT part of a fully qualified domain name (FQDN)? the IP address
In the syntax for a domain name, what character/s separates a domain name from its subdomains? a dot (.)
Which is the correct sequence according to the DNS naming convention? host.domain.root
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