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Ni Hao 4


交通很差 traffic is horrible
交通很好 traffic is good
车会让行人 cars allow people (to go first)
车不让行人 cars don't allow people (to go first)
车开得很快 cars drive fast
车常闯红灯 cars often run a red light
常常堵车 often have traffic jam
自行车很多 lots of bikes
摩托车很多 lots of motocycles
印象很深 deep impression
印象很好 nice impression
印象不错 impression is not bad
印象还可以 impression is okay
印象不太好 impression is not so good
印象很差 bad impression
没什么印象 not impression
一点儿印象都没有 no impression at all cannot recall anything
空气很好 fresh air
气候宜人 pleasant weather
风景优美 beautiful views/sighseeings
古迹很多 lots of historical sites
小吃很多 lots of snacks
人很友善 people are friendly
人不友善 people are not nice/friendly
人很好客 people are hospitable
Created by: igauler