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Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night project words

Quality rank: nature
practice profession
Encounter approach
Pilchers small fish related to the heaving
Late lately: recently
Art learning, skill
Haggard wild hawk
Wit intelligence corruption for it
List limit, boundary
Pregnant receptive
Abuse deceive; wrong
Cypress Thin [almost transparent] cloth veil
Proper handsome
Orchard garden
Argument token, evidence
Grand-jury-Men those who decide whether there is sufficient evidence to bring a case to trail
I Warrant I'm sure
Understand stand under, hold me up
Check at turn to follow
fit fitting, appropriate
Quality rank, nature
Degree step
abatement the act or state of abating or the state of being abated; reduction; decrease; alleviation; mitigation.
Abjured to renounce, repudiate, or retract, especially with formal solemnity; recant
Accost to confront boldly
Brine the sea or ocean.
Discourse to deprive of courage, hope, or confidence; dishearten; dispirit.
Elysium the abode of the blessed after death.
Eunuch a castrated man, especially one formerly employed by Oriental rulers as a harem guard or palace official
Excepted to exclude; leave out
Naught nothing.
Perchance perhaps, maybe, by chance
Pestilence something that is considered harmful, destructive, or evil
Prattle to talk in a foolish or simple-minded way; chatter; babble.
Prodigal giving or yielding profusely; lavish
Prosper to be successful or fortunate, especially in financial respects; thrive; flourish
Provident having or showing foresight; providing carefully for the future
Prudent wise or judicious in practical affairs; sagacious; discreet or circumspect; sober
Surfeit excess or overindulgence in eating or drinking
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