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Important verbs

Verbs for chapters 1-6

se raser to shave
se brosser to brush
s'essuyer to (wipe) dry
se couper to cut
se sécher to dry
se peigner to comb one's hair
se maquiller to apply makeup
se réveiller to wake up
se lever to get up
se laver to wash
s'habiller to get dressed
se préparer to get ready
se rendre à to go to
se dépêcher to hurry
s'excuser to apologize
s'amuser to have fun
se promener to take a walk
s'arrêter to stop
s'acheter to buy (oneself)
se reposer to rest
se mettre à table to sit down to eat
se déshabiller to get undressed
se coucher to go to bed
s'endormir to go to sleep
sentir to smell
se sentir (+ adjective or expression) to feel
ressentir (+ noun) to feel (a pain or an emotion)
sembler to seem
avoir l'air to look, appear
ranger to put away
nettoyer to clean
vider to empty
débarrasser to clear
couper to cut
laver to wash
éplucher to peel
essuyer to wipe/dry
balayer to sweep
sortir to take out
repasser to iron
arroser to water
tailler to prune
tondre to mow, to cut very short
s'occuper de to take care of
donner à manger à to feed
remplir to fill
éviter to avoid
se baigner to go swimming
se noyer to drown
bronzer to get tan
attraper to catch, get
avoir le mal de mer to be seasick
perdre l'équilibre to lose one's balance
se perdre to get lost
piquer to sting
mettre le feu to set a fire
marcher sur
glisser to slip
se faire mal to get hurt
se blesser to injure oneself
se casser to break (a leg)
polluer to pollute
protéger to protect
laisser to leave
jeter to throw
détruire to destroy
casser to break
faire peur à to scare
deviner to guess
arriver to happen
se passer to happen
avoir lieu to take place
qu'est-ce qu'il y a what's happening
assister à to be present at, to see
être témoin de to witness
se trouver to be (find oneself in a physical place)
raconter to tell (what happened)
prédire to predict
briller to shine
souffler to blow
il fait noir it is dark
il pleut/il pleuvait/il va pleuvoir it is raining/it rained/it will rain
il neige/il neigeait/il va neiger it is snowing/it snowed/it will snow
devoir to owe
dégager to cut back, shorten (hair)
réparer to fix
repasser to iron
enlever to remove
marcher to work, to function
Created by: nstag