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Sonnets & Ballads

3 characteristics of sonnets? 14 lines, themes are everlasting memories, authors write about real life
In Sonnet 75, why does the lady say the speakers efforts are futile? She will eventually die and be forgotten
In Sonnet 31, how does the moon appear to the speaker? Sad, he is alone
What's the overall theme of "The Passionate Shepherd"? idyllic love can be found in a pastoral setting
What does the speaker ask his love to do in "The Passionate Shepherd"? Come live with him
What 3 things will the shepherd do for his love? Make her a bed of roses, a cap of flowers, and a dress embroidered with leaves
In "The Nymph's Reply" what would make the nymph accept the shepherd's love? If she thought he was telling the truth
Why does the speaker find the shepherd's offer unimpressive? predicts the delight of love will fade
What happens to the nightingale in "The Nymph's Reply"? The nightingale can no longer sing
"The Passionate Shepherd" is what kind of poetry? Pastoral poetry
What is a madrigal? Singers who recite poetry
When did Christopher Marlowe live? 1564-1593
How did Marlowe die? knifed to death in a tavern fight
When did Sir Walter Raleigh live? 1554-1618
What was Sir Walter Raleigh known for? He was a navigator and a poet
Who was imprisoned in the Tower of London? Sir Walter Raleigh
Edmund Spenser was born into what kind of family? working class family
Sir Philip Sidney attended what college? Oxford and Cambridge
Whose most famous work was "The Fairie Queen"? Edmund Spenser
Which author was a Renaissance man? Sir Philip Sidney
What is the theme of Sonnet 39? Quality of sleep assures one of peace
What is the theme of "The Nymph's Reply"? Love's promises and love itself soon fade
Who is the author of "Macbeth"? William Shakespeare
Created by: gotmo
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