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Data Transmission

WAN Wide Area Network
LAN Local Area Network
Simplex Data can only travel in one direction
Duplex Data can travel in both directions at the same time
Half-Duplex Data can travel in both directions but NOT at the same time
Bit Rates the number of bits that can be transferred in a given period of time.
Parity Check Will either be odd parity or even parity
Check Sums Check sums are similar to PC but they add extra bits to the data calculated from the data.
Echoes Echoes are the most reliable method of error checking but causes a lot of network traffic.
Circuit Switching Sets up an independent route before a single packet is sent
Packet Switching Packets of data take independent routes through the network
Protocol A set of rules which govern communication over a specific transmission medium.
Packet A chunk of binary data which is used to send information across a network. It will contain the message to be sent as well as additional data on how the packet was formed, should be read, where it came from and who it is going to.
Serial One bit at a time.
Parallel All bits at once.
Created by: SkillzMG