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Novel Characters

Nerd Team Practice

Other CharactersProtagonist Work
Edward Murdstone, Betsy Trotwood, Mr. Micawber, Dora Spenlow David Copperfield David Copperfield
Helen Burns, Bertha Mason, John Reed, Grace Poole, Mr. Rochester Jane Eyre Jane Eyre
Major Major, Snowden, Orr, Hungry Joe Yossarian Catch 22
Gertrude, Absolam, Arthur Jarvis, Napoleon Letisi, Mrs. Lithebe Stephen Kumalo Cry, the Beloved Country
Tom Wilson, Jim Conklin Henry Fleming Red Badge of Courage
Adela Quested, Mrs. Turton, Professor Godbole Dr. Aziz Passage to India
Dean Moriarty, Remi Boncoeur, Sabinal, Ed, Tery, Old Bull Lee Sal Paradise On the Road
Ursula Iguaran, Colonel Aureliano, Jose Arcadio, Pietro Crespi, Remedios the Beauty Buendia family 100 Years of Solitude
Robert Lebrun, Mademoiselle Reisz,Leonce, Adele Ratignolle, Doctor Mandelet, Alcee Arobin Edna Pontellier the Awakening
May Welland,Ellen Olenska Newland Archer Age of Innocence
Madame L'Espanaye, Sir Thomas Browne C. Auguste Dupin Murders in the Rue Morgue
Miss Annie, Darlene Ignatius J. Reilly A Confederency of Dunces
Natasha Rostov, Anatole, Prince Alexey Bolkonsky, Helene Kuragina Pierre Bezhukov War and Peace
Mary Pereira, Aadam Aziz, Brass Monkey Saleem Sanai Midnights Children
Hummel family, John Brooke, Frederik Bhaer March Family (Meg and Jo) Little Women
Madame de Renal, Mathilde de la Mole, Valenod, Abbe Pirard Julien Sorel The Red and the Black
El Sordo, Anselmo, Maria, Pilar and Pablo, Karkov Robert Jordan For Whom the Bell Tols
Jack "The Artful Dodger" Dawkings, Bill Sykes, Fagin, Mr. Sowerberry, Mr. Brownlow, Monks, Nancy Oliver Twist Oliver Twist
Nwoye, Ezinma, Reverend Smith, Amalinze the Cat, Enoch Okonkwo Things Fall Apart
Sondra Finchley , Roberta Alde, Hortense Clyde Griffiths (bellhop in Kansas City) American Tragedy
Long John Silver, Billy Bones, Dr. Livesey, Ben Gunn Jim Hawkings Treasure Island
Vardaman, Dewey Dell, Addie Bundren, Reverend Whitfield, Jewel and Cash Bundren Darl and the Bundren family As I lay dying
Quentin, Caddy, Benjy, Someone who drowns themself in the Charles river, Reverend Shegog Compson family The Sound and the Fury
Mr. Rochester, Helen Burns, Grace Poole, Mrs. Reed, Bertha Mason, Adele Varens Jane Eyre Jane Eyre
Lockwood, Nelly Dean, Hindley Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff Wuthering Heights
Amadis of Gaul, Sampson Carrasco Don Quixote Don Quixote
Raymond Sintes, the arab that is killed, Kruschen Salts, Marie Cardona, Thomas Perez Meursault The Stranger
Chingachook, David Gamut, Magua, Munro, Hawkeye Natty Bumbo Last of the Mohicans
Friday Based on Alexander Selkirk Robinson Crusoe
Sydney Carton, Jerry Cruncher, Jarvis Lorry, Dr. Manette, Dr. Manette, Miss Pross, John Barsad Charles Darnay A Tale of Two Cities
Pedro Romero, Mike Campbell, Robert Cohn, Count Mippipopolous, Georgette Leblanc, Montoya Jake Barnes The Sun Also Rises
Red Whiskers, Squeak, Dansker Billy Budd Billy Budd
Rhett Butler, Ashley Wilkes, Bonnie Blue Scarlett O'Hara Gone With the Wind
Cunegonde, Pangloss, Baron Thunder-Ten-Tronckh, Cacambo, Pope Urban X, Jacques the Anabaptist Candide Candide
Willie Stark, Judge Irwin, Mortimer Littlepaugh,Anne Stanton Jack Burden All the King's Men
Billy Bibbit, Chief Bromden, Candy Starr, Randle McMurphy One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Cy Bogart, Wil Carol Kennicott Main Street
Richard Halley, John Galt, Francisco d'Anconia Dagny Taggart Atlas Shrugged
Mike Scully, Phil Connor, Ona Jurgis Rudku The Jungle
Eva, Simon Legree, Quimbo and Sambo, St. Clair Tom Uncle Tom's Cabin
Count Vronsky, Dolly, Kitty, Konstantin Levin Anna Karenia Anna Karenia
Mueller, Kantorek, Lee and Kropp, Corporal Himmelstoss Paul Baumer All Quiet on the Western Front
Charlotte Haze, Dolores Haze, Clare Quilty Humbert Humbert lolita
Hippolite, Leon and Rodolphe, Charles Emma Madame Bovary
Razumikhin, Dunya, Marmeladov, Alyona Raskolnikov crime and punishment
Logan Killicks, Tea Cake, Joe Starks, Johnny Taylor Janie Mae Crawford Thier Eyes Were Watching God
Schoolmaster, Paul D, Baby Suggs, Sethe Beloved
Constantin,Dr. Nolan,Buddy Willard, Doreen Esther Greenwood The Bell Jar
Rose of Sharon, Jim Casy,Connie Rivers Joad family The Grapes of Wrath
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