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Linux3 CST8213

Final Exam Review

RPM: Query Options? -qa = all installed packages, -qd = documents,-qd = documentation files, -ql = list files in a package
Yum commands: list, install, update, remove
Mount Options: -a = mount what should be mounted automatically (in fstab), -t = filesystem type
fstab fields in order: source, destination, type, options, backup?(yes/no), verify?(yes/no)
Location of interface config files: /etc/ sysconfig / network-scripts / ifcfg-eth*
Udev? Dynamic device configuration system
Location of resolver config? /etc/resolv.conf
Location of general networking config? /etc/sysconfig/network
What should be inside of resolv.conf? nameserver 172.16.30.** , might have a search line (optional)
What should be inside of network config? NETWORKING=yes; HOSTNAME=abcd1234
What should be inside of interface config? DEVICE, BOOTPROTO, ONBOOT, HWADDR, IPADDR, NETMASK, TYPE, GATEWAY
How to list interfaces detected by the kernel? lspci
How to verify naming of interfaces by device manager? dmesg | grep -i eth
Command to list your hostname? hostname
What is the purpose of the search line in the resolv.conf? FQDN completion when no domain suffix is supplied as part of the query.
What command to use to check your default gateway? route
What is inside the /etc/hosts file? localhost localhost.localdomain; you can put in other addresses for name resolution as well.
What is /etc/nsswitch.conf? Do we use hosts and/or resolv.conf and in which order to check?
Command used to check network services? netstat -tupan
When a client connects to a server, which port does it use? Server port will likely be well-known (0-1023), client port will be dynamic (49152-65535)
Where does xinetd look up the port numbers for a service? /etc/services (preferred) or the service config file /etc/xinetd.d/
What happens if xinetd has a conflict with a port number (different in 2 places)? The service is generally crippled.
TCP Wrapper? /etc/hosts.allow or hosts.deny, defines specific hosts allowed or denied.
How do you set a service running on xinetd to use a specific interface? Use the bind or interface directives
Can you use telnet to log in as root? Not unless you edit /etc/securetty
Layout of telnet command? telnet <host ip> <port#>
SSH server config file? /etc/ssh/sshd_config
SSH authentication methods? User, User with public key, Host, Host with public key.
Where do users go when logging in with ftp? Existing account = home directory, Anon = /var/ftp , in chroot jail. FTP can rarely also have it's own users set up.
How to get help in ftp? At ftp prompt: ? , help , help <command>
Which ftp server did we use in class? vsftpd
Where does ftp transfer activity get logged by default? /var/log/xferlog
FTP run in standalone or with xinetd? Both xinetd and standalone are valid options.
Vsftpd option for stand alone mode? listen = yes
Vsftpd option for anonymous mode? anonymous_enable = yes (default = yes)
Vsftpd option to allow local users to log in? local_enable = yes (default = yes)
Vsftpd option to allow anon users to upload? anon_upload_enable = yes (default = no)
Vsftpd option to allow deletion of files? write_enable = yes (default = yes)
IP Aliasing? Binding a second IP to the same interface.
Rsync config file location? /etc/rsyncd.conf (after you make it, lol)
Rsync module options: write only, read only, path, auth users, secrets file
Rsync secrets file config? user:password , have to chmod it to 600 permission.
Rsync command usage: downloading rsync [user@]host::module/file file
Rsync command usage: uploading rsync file [user@]host::module[/file]
Package name of the DNS server software bind
How to do a reverse lookup with dig command? dig -x
How to look up name server with dig command? dig www.google.com NS
How to look up name server with nslookup command? nslookup -type=NS www.google.com
How to do a lookup using a specific name server using dig command? dig @ www.microsoft.com
Config file for bind? /etc/named.conf
What type of zone for root domain servers? type = hint
Where do log messages go for bind? /var/log/messages and/or log file specified in bind config (named.conf)
How to restart bind server? service named restart
Bind global options block statement called? options
If a recursive name server cannot answer query from it's own records, where does it go next? Root name servers.
How to get separate config files to be used by named.conf? Include statements
Do all resolvers use the search line in resolv.conf? nslookup = yes, dig = NOPE!
Which line in interface config can cause problems for resolv.conf? PEERDNS, if set to YES could overwrite the resolv.con, should be set PEERDNS=no
Why configure a localhost zones? Prevents queries of localhost from reaching the root servers.
Bind: option to configure interfaces to use? listen-on
Bind: option to configure who is allowed to use name server? allow-query
Bind: option to configure who can do recursive queries? allow-recursion
Commands to check named.conf syntax? named-checkconf and named-checkzone
Bind: setting up forwarders? In named.conf options block statement add: forwarders {; };
How to trace name resolution path? dig www.google.com +trace
Minimum BIND TTL value? 300, anything less than 300 is irrational and will be changed to 300.
Created by: Datheral