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CBA Word Lesson 5

Word Lesson 5

Margins the blank areas around the top, bottom, and sides of page.
Allignment refers to the position of text between the margins
left align text lined upon left margin
right align text lined upon the right margin
center align text lined up in the center of the page
justify text is aligned both at the left and right margins, some extra spacing may occur in the middle of sentences to align correctly
Bullets is any small character that appears before an item
Vertical alignment refers to positioning text between the top and bottom margins of a document
Mirrored Margins where instead of left and right margins, the page has inside and outside margins
inside margins also called a gutter margin; is the right margin on a left page and a left margin on a right page, margins closest to the inside of the page near binding
Outside margins is the left margin on the left page and the right margin on the right page.
indent the space between text and documents margins
first line indent only the first line of a paragraph are indented
negative indent by dragging the indent markers on the ruler to the left past the left margins by typing a negative number in the left box
hanging indent in which the first line of text isn't indented but the following lines are.
tab stops or tab mark the place where the insertion point will stop when you press tab key
leaders solid, dotted, or dashed lines that fill the blank space before a tab setting
multilevel list a list with 2 or more levels of bullets or numbers
outline number list a number multilevel list
Created by: davidneitch