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Chapter 8 Win Server

Routing and Remote Access Services ____ is a role service used to configure and manage network routing in Windows Server 2008.
RRAS ____ provides Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) relay agent functionality for networks
Routers ____ are responsible for forwarding packets between subnets, or networks with differing IP addressing schemes
Routing tables ____ are composed of routes.
Dynamic protocols ____ route traffic based on information they discover about remote networks from other routers.
RIP neighbors RIPv2 uses ____ in determining the dynamic routes it can use for forwarding packets of data.
DHCP relay agent A(n) ____ forwards DHCPDiscover messages for subnets that do not have a DHCP server and that are not connected to a router that supports passing DHCP broadcast messages.
IGMP router and proxy The ____ component of RRAS provides support for multicast network traffic by routing multicast traffic to networks that host these services.
RRAS In situations where you do not have a RFC 1542-compliant router, you can create a DHCP relay agent using ____.
PPTP ___ supports securing VPNs using 128-bit RC4 encryption.
Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol ____ works by encapsulating PPP frames before they are transmitted across a network.
Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol ____ uses PPP to encapsulate traffic for transmission across network using a secure socket layer (SSL) connection.
Network Policy Server ____ is a role service that provides you with a framework for creating and enforcing network access policies for client health, along with policies for authentication and authorization of connection requests.
NPS console The ____ is the central utility for managing RADIUS clients and remote RADIUS servers, network health and access policies, NAP settings for NAP scenarios, and logging settings.
RADIUS ____ is an industry-standard protocol that provides centralized authentication, authorization, and accounting for network access devices such as wireless access points and remote access servers.
RADIUS client is any device such as a remote access server, wireless access point, or VPN concentrator, that accepts remote connections from remote access clients.
network access server is responsible for providing network access to remote access clients such as users needing VPN or dial-in network access.
RADIUS servers ____ are used on networks to perform authentication, authorization, and accounting for RADIUS clients, or convey authentication requests to other centralized authenticating systems.
user account database is the database used by a RADIUS server to authenticate users.
Authentication ____ is the first component of the RADIUS process in which the identity of a user connecting to a resource is verified.
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