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Insurance Written promise by insurance company to pay money to a person who has suffered a loss
Broker Person who sells insurance for number of different insurance companies. Offers advice, helps people to find best policy.
Agent Works for one insurance company and sells insurance for that company.
Proposal Form Application form for insurance.
Premium Fee paid for insurance.
Policy Document from insurance company and contains all the details about the contract.
Certificate of Insurance Summary of main points of policy.
Cover Note Letter sent by company to prove that insurance is in place.
Renewal notice Reminder from insurance company that the premium for next year is due.
Life Assurance If insured person dies the insurance company will pay a large sum of money to their family. The family will therefore have enough money to pay their bills.
Home Insurance Insurance covers - buildings and contents.
Motor Insurance Third party and comprehensive
No claims bonus Discount for driving carefully.
Personal Insurance Health insurance, salary protection, personal accident, PRSI, travel.
Insurable interest You have an insurable interest if you benefit from having the item and it would cost you money to have it replaced.
Utmost good Faith Answer all questions truthfully and fully.
Indemnity A person can not make a profit from insurance.
Subrogation Example - if your car is damaged and you receive compensation the insurance company becomes the owner of the car.
Contribution If an item is insured with more than one insurance company the compensation is split between the two.
Created by: Lorraine McGrath