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lesson 4 vocab

by Mckeily

1. Wizard a tool that assists users of an application in creating documents or templates. and also guides step by step.
Uniform Resource Identifier identifies the name and location of a file or resource in a uniform format. It includes a string of characters for the filename and may also contain the path to the directory of the file.
3. Uniform Resource Locator The address of a web page on the world wide web
4. Home page Main page of a web site; usually the first page.
5. Deep URL type of URL that includes a path that penetrates the folder structure of a web site
6. Relative URL partial internet address which points to a directory or file in relation to the current directory or file.
7. Absolute URL complete URL including the protocol (http://), server name, domain name, path, and filename of the file to open
8. Greenfield an approach which a project lacks development
9. Cookie a short line of text that a web site puts on your computer's hard drive when you access the web site
10. Pop-up windows One or more small windows that suddenly open in front of the webpage you are viewing that offer specialized commands and options that must be selected before a user can continue with the current task
11. Pop-under window A small browser window that appears behind the browser window you are viewing.
12. Rendering engine Reads the Web page and presents it to the user; reads, parses and represents HTML, XHTML, XML, images and other objects
13. Interpreter high-level programming language translator that translates and runs the program at the same time.
14. Sandbox A restrictive fence that surrounds a Java program and keeps it away from private data and other resources on a local computer.
15. Thread ADT that represents a thread of execution within a process. Has its own execution stack, program counter value, register set, and state.
16. Window sometimes refers to a reserved area of memory.
17. Tab a second or further document or page that can be opened on a spreadsheet or web browser
18. Cache A type a computer memory that temporarily stores frequently used information for quick access.
19. Supplements I cant find this definition anywhere
20. Network programming The schedule of programs to be broadcast on a network
21. Download controls Browser elements that are settings that determine how the web browser will process downloads
22. Plug-in A hardware or software application that adds a specific feature to a browser.
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