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Legal and Ethical

Sports Medicine

When a care provider commits an act that is their responsibility but uses wrong procedures misfeasance
professional misconduct or lack of professional skill that results in injuiry to the patient malpractice
a wrongful act resulting in injury to another person, property, or reputation tort
anything that negativetly impacts the health of the athlete primary risk
having a player have to perform certain task that are harmful hazing
member responsible for showing respect to the coaches, other parents, and officials, instill good values in their children athletes parents
the most important thing a care provider can do in order to protect themselves documentation
the unlawful touching of an individual w/o consent battery
member responsible for adhering to the laws and policies of the athletic conference provide safe facilities administration/ athletic director
If you win a court case you are awarded damages (financial compensation)
responsible for game time decisions for athletes athletic trainer
Litigation (lawsuit) usually occurs from inadequate supervision, sexual harrassment
reduction of the potential for injury risk management
set of principles or values used to influence behavior ethics
to avoid litigation when treating athletes of the opposite sex be sure you avoid being alone
when a care provider performs an act that is not their responsibility or standard care malfiseance
the degree, skill, and dilligence an equally qualified caregiver in the profession would provide in simular circumstances standard of care
failure to give proper care can result in negligence
the member of the team responsible for adhering to the terms rules and respecting others athletes
athletes that get caught gambling on games could get suspended
when making an agreement for service be sure you have it in what format writing
federal regulation establishing national standards for health care info to protect personal health info. HIPAA
must excercise good judgement about allowing an athlete to play and not be influence by other members team physician
you should handle breaches in ethical and regulatory codes by quickly and not looking the other way
make sure all athlete have signed what in order to participate informed consent and liability forms
ethics morals; right from wrong
act of omission failing to perform a legal duty
act of commission performing an illegal action
unlawful physical attack upon another, an attempt or offer to do violence to another assault
S.A.F.E Supervision Aid Facilities Equipment
Supervison for the safety of the athletes
Aid emergency plan, medical records, paper work
Facilities check for hazards
Equipment should be well maintained
secondary risk is the staff organization
Created by: Imari Wright