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Drama Words


theme moral or lesson in a story
comedy major characters are married at the end
tragedy many major characters die
history true details of famous people (especially kings & queens)
poetic language in lines, often has rhyme and rhythm,usually contains figurative language
rhyme word at the end of lines that sound alike because same last letters
meter a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables
images when words form pictures in your mind
act traditional has 5 acts; major parts of a play
scene smaller divisions of an act, when changed: different characters
stage raised platform where actors stand
pit where the lower classes stood for a performance
gallery the raised seating in back, nobles sat, roof included
dramatic irony a character does not know something that the audience does
aside a short comment by a character meant to be heard by audience
monologue a long speech by 1 character to other characters on stage
dialogue 2 characters talking to each other
soliloquy a long speech by one character to him or herself that others do not hear (only the audience)
lyrics words to a song
costumes clothing people wear to signify a character's status and/or time period
props objects characters need to move the actions
lighting set the mood; tell difference between acts; highlight an area on stage
scenery backdrop or decoration that shows the setting
rhetorical the art of speaking to move the audience
antithesis opposites that balence
allusion reference to a real event
pun play on words that play on homophones/homonyms/words that are alike
wordplay other play on words
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