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Chapter 9 A+


Which of the following statements about the expansion bus is true? A separate expansion bus crystal enables the expansion bus to run at a different speed than the frontside bus.
What does a black arrow next to a device in Device Manager indicate? The device has been disabled.
Which variation of the PCI bus was specifically designed for laptops? The Mini-PCI format conserves space and power, making it an ideal card type for use in laptops.
Which of the following form factors dominates the PC industry? Almost all modern motherboards follow the ATX form factor.
Amanda bought a new system that, right in the middle of an important presentation, gave her a Blue Screen of Death. Now her system won't boot at all, not even to CMOS. After extensive troubleshooting, she determined that the motherboard was at fault and r Although all of the answers are plausible, the best answer here is that her system suffered burn-in failure.
Martin bought a new motherboard to replace his older ATX motherboard. As he left the shop, the tech on duty called after him, "Check your standouts!" What could the tech have meant? Standouts are the metal connectors that attach the motherboard to the case.
Solon has a very buggy computer that keeps locking up at odd moments and rebooting spontaneously. He suspects the motherboard. How should he test it? Solon needs to check settings, verify good components, replace components, and document all testing.
When Jane proudly displayed her new motherboard, the senior tech scratched his beard and asked, "What kind of ICH does it have?" What could he possibly be asking about? Intel calls their Southbridge chips the I/O Controller Hub (ICH) on many of their chipsets.
What companies dominate the chipset market? (select two) Intel and NVIDIA produce the vast majority of the chipsets used in personal computers.
If Windows recognizes a device, where will it appear? Windows displays recognized devices in Device Manager.
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