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Unit 3 Lit/Lang

Jack.B vocab words

Etiquette acceptable manners and behaviors
immortal the ability to live forever
Melting Pot A place where a variety of races, cultures or individuals change (or melt) into one culture
mediation an attempt to settle a dispute by stepping in and trying to help
spectacle remarkable sight
delicacies something delightful or pleasing
monarchy a form of government in which the ruling power is in the hands of one person
suppressed to put down by authority or force
boughs a branch of a tree, especially one of the bigger ones
scrutiny close examination or study
trodden to trample or crush under foot
thatched material, such as straw, twigs or leaves used to cover roofs
lavishly generously plentiful
mortified ashamed, deeply embarassed
metamorphosis a total change in shape or form
bestowed to present as a give, give
advocates supporters or defenders
prestigious much admired and sought after
Created by: Jack.Burke