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Twelfth Night

Jasmine Jackson

theme message or life lesson in a story
comedy ends with characters marrying
tragedy several major characters die
history based on true stories of famous people or events that occurred in the past
poetic language lines, often having rhyme, rhythm, and figures of speech( metaphors, similes, etc.)
rhyme words that share the same ending sounds occur at the end of a line
meter pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables
images when words bring up pictures in your mind
act one of the five major parts of a play
scene parts of an act with different groups of people
stage A raised platform where the actors perform
pit Where the poor people stand to watch the play
dramatic irony When the audience knows something that the actor on stage doesn't
aside Smart comment by the main character, only to be heard by audience
monologue Long speech by one character given to a big audience
dialogue Two characters talking to each other
A long speech by one person to themselves
lyrics Words to a song
costumes Clothing that signifies status or time period, worn by characters
props Objects characters need to move an action forward
lighting To set the mood; tell difference between acts; highlight an area or stage
scenery Tells you where you are; not essential
allusion A reference to something from history or literature that the audience should be familiar with
pun A cheesy joke; play on homonyms: words that sound alike but don't mean the same thing
wordplay Any play on words beside homonyms
antithesis The balance of opposites
rhetorical (trick) in order to make a point
Surfeiting Filling; to satisfy
Naught Nothing
Abatement Stopping
Pestilence Things that are infectious
Brine Saltwater used for preserving food
Elysium In Greek mythology, where the blessed go after death
perchance perhaps, possibly
provident luck, to be lucky
prattle gossip
abjured avoided
eunuch a neutered male
excepted not included
prodigal wastrel, spendthrift; someone wastes or spends to much
prudent careful, wise, or practical
accost to approach
pour quoi why
discourse speech, conversation
prosper well, make gains; successful, grow healthy
malignancy evil influence
distemper disturb, damage
recompense repayment
extravagancy wastefulness; no more than wondering
publish proclaim
peevishly to be annoyed or irritated; in a bad or foul mood
cunning crafty, sneaky
churlish rude, stingy
frailty weakness
thriftless useless, fruitless
obstacle something that stands in the way
dram tiniest bit
incredulous incredible, unbelievable
sanctify to make holy
favor if you please; face; prefer
venerable commanding respect
impetuosity impulsive or given to rash action
unsafe unreliable; untrustworthy
scruple doubt
bounty treasure or generosity
scatheful harmful
adverse hostile
fulsome disgusting
unauspicious unfavorable
auspex fortune teller that looks at birds to predict weather signs
beguiled tricked
dissembling lying or hypocritical
epistles letters
notorious famous in a bad way
epiphany revolution of Christ to the people
epiphany sudden revolution
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