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Chapter 6 Terms

Shape, Form, Space

Shape A two dimensional area defined in some way.
Geometric Shapes Precise shapes that can be described using mathematical formulas.
Free-form Shapes Irregular and uneven shapes.
Space The element of art that refers to the emptiness or area between, around, above, below, or within objects.
Positive Space The space the creates the shapes and forms of an image.
Negative Space The empty space between the shapes and forms. The ground.
Freestanding Sculpture that is surrounded by negative space.
Relief Sculpture that projects from a flat surface into negative space.
Highlights Small areas of white used to show the very brightest spots on a surface.
Chirascuro Often called modeling or shading, it is the Italian word that refers to the contrast of values in a picture.
Natural Shapes and forms made by the forces of nature.
Maunfactured Shapes and forms made by the forces of humans
Forms Objects the have 3 dimensions- Height, width and depth.
Holograms Images created in 3 dimensions using laser beams.
Picture plane The surface of a drawing or painting.
Foreground The part of a picture that appears nearest to you.
Middle ground The area between the foreground and the background in a picture plane.
Background The part of the picture that is farthest away.
Illusion of depth Effect created on a 2D surface by using linear perspective, shading, aerial perspective, overlapping or placement on the picture plane.
Perspective A graphic system that creates depth and volume on a 2D surface.
Placement Objects lower on the picture plane appear to be closer to the viewer.
Overlapping When one object covers part of the second object, the first seems to be closer than the object being covered.
Color Bright objects seem closer to you, dull objects seem farther away.
Detail Objects with clear sharp edges appear to be close to you.
Size and scale Larger objects appear to be closer to the viewer than the smaller ones.
Linear perspective As parallel lines move away from you, they seem to move closer together toward the horizon line.
Density Refers to how compact an object is.
Openness You can see through an image or sculpture, inviting you to come in.
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