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Cisco CCNA Intro Test (Cisco Press Book)

what layer does HDLC function at layer 2
how does PPP perform error detection link quality management - (Can tak down a link based on the percentage of errors on the link using LQM
PP looked link detection? Magic number - (The telco might reflect the data that a router sends back to the router to test a circuit. PPP uses a feature called a magic number to detect a looped link and takes down the link)
PPP authentication PAP or CHAP
what does synchronous mean with regard to protocols like PPP or SDLC There is an imposed time ordering at the links sending and receiving ends. Typically the CSU provides the clocking
What do you need for a full mesh in frame relay Virtual Connections between all sites
How does Frame relay do addressing DLCI (Data link connection identifier)
what layer does SONET function at layer 1
size of an IPX address 80 bits (48 for node, 32 for network)
Apple Talk address size 24 bits 8 for node, 16 for network
according to RFC 793 tcp performs what functions multiplexing using ports, error recovery, flow control using windowing, connection establishment and termination, end to end ordered data transfer, segmentation
what type of router memory is used to store the OS used for low-level debugging and not for normal operation ROM
IN IOS how to do you disable all debugging processes no debug all
if you are logged in over a PTY how do you view console messages terminal monitor
cisco IOS boot sequence the router performs a power-on self test, routers loads and runs bootstrap code from ROM, the router finds the IOS or other software and loads it, the router finds the config file and loads it into memory
how do you change the IOS image the router will boot into boot-system [ROM | FLASH filename ]
to avoid loops all bridges do what use STP and STP places each port into a blocking or forwarding state
how does STP determine the root bridge 1st "bridge priority" then lowest mac address
how many bytes is the priority filed in the BPDU 2 bytes
STP describes what states for a port on a switch Listening, learning, disabled
Describe the Listening State with how it relates to STP listenes to incoming Hello messages to ensure there are no loops, but does not forward traffic or learn mac addresses on the interface. Interim state between blocking and forwarding
describe the learning state with how it releates to STP still listens to BPDUs, plus learns MAC addresses from incoming frames. It does not forward traffic
How long does it take for a port to go from listening, learning, to forwarding with default timers 50 seconds
a vlan creates what a new collision, broadcast domain
how does ISL work It encapsulates the entire ethernet frame with a new header and trailer
how does 802.1q work it inserts a new 4 byte header into the middle of the original ethernet frame which is used to identify the VLAN number
where does the 4 byte vlan ID go in the frame when you're using 802.1q DEST, SRC, Ethernet Type, Priority, VLAN-ID
if you would like to see interface status without all of the extra stuff what command would you issue in IOS show ip int brief
what is the interval in which CDP packets are sent? 10 seconds
what is the purpose of CDP to tell whether a link is up or down if an interface doesn't receive 3 updates (default 30 seconds) it will set the link as down.
How do you turn off CDP on an interface within IOS no keepalive
how do you change the timer associated with CDP in IOS keepalive <interval>
you have a back to back cable connected to the router how can you tell which side is the CDE show controllers
if you are using a back to back cable between routers what is true about your time source its not there and thus you need to set it using the IOS command "clock rate <num>
! ping response code in IOS ping received
"." ping response code in IOS nothing was received before timeout
"U" ping response code in IOS destination unreachable
"N" ping response code in IOS network unreachable
"P" ping response code in IOS port unreachable
"Q" ping response code in IOS ICMP source quench
"M" ping response code in IOS Can't frag packet to big
"?" ping response code in IOS unknown packet received
in order to do hostname resolution what do you need to setup in IOS ip name-server && ip domain-lookup
how do you view the hosts cache in IOS show hosts
cdp will discover what about the neighbors device id (typically hostname), address list (ip and datalink), port identifier, capabilities list (information on what type of device it is, platform the model and OS level running on the device
how would you see CDP information on a hostname show cdp enry <hostname>
how do you view CDP information for all of your neighbors show cdp neighbor
what algorithm does EIGRP use to calculate routes DUAL (diffusing update algorithm)
what roles can routers have in EIGRP successor and feasible successor
what is phase with regard to a signwave phase refers to where the signal is at a point in time- at the top, going down, at the bottom, going up, and so on
what is the difference between baud and kbps (blank)
other than syncronous communications PPP supports what other protocols asynchronous, PAP, and CHAP
PRI US how many B and D channels are there 23 B 1-64k D
PRI Eurpope how many B and D channels are there 30 B and 1 64kbps D
when an IDSN modem dials and connections with the D channel what happens to it The D channel connection never goes away it is used for (out of band signaling)
what does DSLAM stand for DSL access multiplexer
what is the difference between v.90 and v.92 v.92 provides for "modem" on hold, and better speed recog depending on line quality
Typical functions of Layer 1 cabling, connectors (pins), functions of pins, voltage and current, encoding (return to zero etc..)
Created by: vigorous_one