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Hawaiian Language Vocabulary

a and/and when/when (used to connect verbs)
a'a small root
a ahiahi iho when it was evening
ae to consent/yes
ae nei just now/at present
ahea? when? future
ahi fire
ahiahi evening
'ahinahina gray
'ai to eat
a'i neck
aia there
aia hele wawae sidewalk/path
aihea? where?
aihue to steal
'aina ahi ahi dinner
'aina awakea lunch
'aina kakahiaka breakfast
a i ole ia if not it/or
aka but
akaaka to laugh
aka ho'i but besides that
'akala pink
akamai smart/clever
'akau right/north
akemama lungs
ala road/avenue
alaila then/there (of place)
'alani orange
alelo/elelo tongue
ali'i chief
alia not yet
alia nae but not yet
alo front of the house
aloha regards/to love/love
aloha ahiahi good evening
aloha aku hello to...
aloha aku ia ia (send)him/her love (tell)him/her "hello"
aloha 'auinala good afternoon
aloha awakea good morning/midday (usually 10am to 2pm)
aloha kakahiaka good morning
a me and/an with
'anakala uncle
'anake auntie
aneane nearly/almost
ano now
ano ai greetings/reply to "welina"
anoano seed
ano'e strange/peculiar
anuenue rainbow
'au'au to swim/to bathe
anu'u steps
ao world
a'o to learn/to teach
a'ole/ole/a'ohe no/not/none
a'ole ho'i but not
a'ole i ole could not but
a'ole nae not however
a'ole no ho'i not at all/by no means
aouli sky
a pau all
a po ka la all day
apopo tomorrow
apopo kela la aku day after tomorrow
apu cup
a puni round about
au era/period of time
au I/me
aunai by and by
aue oh dear/too bad
auhea? where?
auhea 'oe listen/give ear/"where are you?"
auina la afternoon
aumoe midnight
auwae chin
awaawa bitter
awakea noon
e yes/new/strange
ea air/calling attention
'ekahi one
'elua two
'ekolu three
eke bag
'eha four
ehia? how many?
'ehiku seven
eia here
eia ho'i kekahi another point
eia kekahi again/besides
'eiwa nine
'ele'ele/po'ele'ele black
e like me according to
'elima five
emo'ole suddenly
e noho nei at the present time
'eono six
'ewalu eight
ha'aha'a humble/low
ha'ele'ele/palaunu brown
hainaka handkerchief
haka kau shelf
hakaka to fight
haki to break
hale house/building
hale'aina restaurant/cafe
hale ho'ike'ike museum
hale ki'i'oni'oni movie theater
hale kinai ahi fire station
hale ku'ai store
hale ku'ai mea 'ai grocery store
hale ku'ai mea 'pa'ani toy store
hale ku'ai puke book store
hale kuke kitchen
hale la'au wood frame house
hale maka'i police station
hale maluna roof
hale pili grass house
hale pohaku stone house
hale puhi palaoa bakery
hale pule church
hale waihona puke library
hana to work/to do
hanai to feed
hana kolohe to tease/to make trouble
hanau to give birth
hapaha 1/4 / quarter
hapalua 1/2 / half
haukapila hospital
ha'ule'lau Autumn/Fall
haule to fall
ha'uli'uli dark blue
haumia dirty
haumana student
hau'oli happy/joyful
heaha? what?
he'enalu surf
hekili thunder
hele to come/to go
helehelena face
helu to count
heluhelu to read
hema left/south
hemo to remove
hiamoe to sleep
hiapo first born child/oldest
hiki to be able/to arrive
hikina east
hiki no okay
hikiwawe/koke quickly
hilahila shy/shameful/embarrassed
himeni to sing/song/hymn
ho'a to turn on
ho'ailona ho'oku stop sign
ho'anu to cool
hoewa'a to paddle/to canoe
ho'i certainly/also
hokele hotel
hoku star
hokulele meteor
hola hour
holo to run/to hurry
holoi to wash/to clean
honua earth
ho'ohui combine/mix/blend
Ho'o'ilo Winter
ho'oikaika kino to exercise
ho'okano proud
ho'ole to deny/to refuse
ho'olohe to hear/to obey/to listen
ho'olohi to dillydally
ho'oma'ema'e to clean
ho'omaha to rest
ho'omakaukau to prepare
ho'omo'a to cook/to bake
ho'onanea to relax/serenity
ho'opa to touch
ho'opa'a to study/to hold fast
Created by: Liliha
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