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chapter 1

when? cothain
how? conas
how? Cen chaoi
why? Cen fath
what? Cad
how much? Ce mbead
what age? Cen aois
where? Ca/Car
what time? Cen t-am?
what difference? Cen difriocht
where was he/she born? Car rugadh e/i
pink bandearg
yellow bui
black dubh
red dearg
white dan
purple corcra
green glas
blue gorm
dark blue dughorm
brown donn
blonde fionn
ginger rua
brunet donn
black dubh
bliain daois 1 year old
tri bliain daois 3 year old
deich mbliana daois 10 year old
aon bhliain deag daois 11 year old
seacht mbliaina deag daois 17 year old
fiche bliain 20 year old
triocha bliain 30 year old
dearthair brother
deirfiur sister
tuismitheoir perants
paiste aonair only child
aintin aunt
uncail uncle
Created by: zaweckute