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Blood Bank Exam 3

MDT 310

Which Kell phenotype lacks the expression of all Kell antigens, has the precursor antigen, and is the null version of the Kell blood group system? Ko
One can expect the strongest reaction of an anti-K antibody at what phase of testing? Albumin
What is the effect of enzyme treatment of Duffy (Fy) RBC antigens? Depresses antigen
What phenotype is a stronger expression for the Jka antigen? Jka+b-
What antigen has the lowest presence in the general population and as such would be the easiest to find compatible blood? K (Kell)
A procedure in which antibody strength is measured by two-fold serial dilution? Antibody titration
The majority of the U.S. black population has what Duffy (Fy) phenotype? Fya-b-
Kidd antibodies are notorious for what? Delayed hemolytic reactions
The U antigen is High frequency
M and N antibodies are predominantly Cold saline IgM
What two antibodies are rare but almost always IgG? U and s
An antibody that can be neutralized with pooled urine from people who carry the antigen is Sda
High-titer, Low-avidity antibodies (HTLA) Chido (Cha), Rogers (Rga), York (Yka), McCoy (Mca), John Milton Hagen (JMH), Knops-Helgeson (Kna)
This system is composed of 19 antigens, has little clinical significance, and its antibodies are known for classic mixed field (m/f) reaction Lutheran
What system is primarily know to present on leukocytes with variable expression on RBCs? Bg
Antibodies of which system are instrumental in tissue transplant rejection? HLA
HLA antibodies can cause refractoriness in what type of transfusions? Platelet
A potentially fatal post transfusion reaction where patients develop acute noncariogenic pulmonary edema, caused by HLA antibodies in the donor plasma that react with and fix C3 to the patients granulocytes is knows as TRALI - transfusion related acute lung injury
A disorder characterized by a sudden drop in the patient's platelet count 5-10 days after blood transfusion Post-transfusion purpura (PTP)
The usual methodology for platelet cross match is solid-phase
Granulocyte antigens - NA1 and NA2
An antibody known to cause platelet refractoriness PL-A1
A solution for a patient with known Bg antibodies would be to transfuse blood that is leukoreduced
We rule out the presence of antibodies on a panel sheet with a negative reaction
When cold agglutinins are present, it is important to rule out what type of underlying antibodies? Warm IgG
The ABO group of panel cells used for antibody identification must be O
A rare sex-linked disorder only affecting males where there is a proven lack of Kx antigen on neutrophils and deficiency of NADH-oxidase. This creates an inability of the neutrophil to fight off microorganisms resulting in severe infections. Chronic Granulomatous Disease (CGD)
When testing a patient with known cold agglutinins, we should use a strict pre-warm technique and only use Coombs (AGH) that is Anti-IgG specific
A syndrome involving the immune destruction of fetal platelets by maternal anti-PLA1 antibody is known as NAIT - neonatal autoimmune thrombocytopenia
When performing an antigen red cell typing, ourpositive control cell must have what sort of expression on the antigen? Heterozygous
When running a cold panel, we can prove the presence of auto anti-I with I-neg cord cells
This antibody is known to be either IgG or IgM anti-S
What is used as a QC check on Coombs sera? Coombs Control Cells or Check Cells
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