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Linux 3 - Midterm 2

URI Uniform Resource Identifier. Specifies protocol used to retrieve web resource, server's host name (opt. port #), and the resource name.
URL Request Web server responds to URL requests by mapping URI to resource location in local repository.
Browser REQUESTS web resource, INTERPRETS file format content and DISPLAYS file content.
Port #s 20/21-ftp; 22-SSH; 23-Telnet; 25/587-SMTP; 53-dns; 80-http; POP-110; IMAP-143
Common HTTP start-line methods: GET, HEAD, POST
In named.conf for a slave zone, what directives do we need? type slave; masters {172.16.30.#;}; file "slaves/zone.file";
In named.conf for a master zone, what directives do we need for slave to work? type master; allow-transfer {172.16.31.#;};
What command is used to start/stop Apache? apachectl (start|stop)
What command is used to display Apache status? apachectl fullstatus
What command is used to run Apache file syntax test? apachectl configtest
Apache: what is the directive that specifies the directory which per-user content is located? UserDir
Apache is a modular program, so they can be added to extend functionality. How do you list currently loaded modules? httpd -l
What is the Apache config file? .../apache/conf/httpd.conf
Apache: DocumentRoot directory that forms the main document tree visible from the web
How does a server host web sites for more than one hostname? Virtual Hosting
What are the types of virtual hosting? IP, Name, and Port
What are the directives required in the VirtualHost container directive? ServerName(www.example99.lab); DocumentRoot; ErrorLog; AccessLog;
What is named based virtual hosting? 2+ VirtualHost on the same IP address
What is IP based virtual hosting? 2+ VirtualHost on seperate IP address
What is the default mail log file? /var/log/maillog
What is the command to view mail queue? mailq
Example of MX record: example.lab. MX 10(priority) mail.example.lab
Sendmail: How do you get client to use the DNS server of the receiving mail system edit resolv.conf
MUA Mail User Agent: compose, inject, retrieve
MTA Mail Transfer Agent: queue, DNS lookup, route
MDA Mail Delivery Agent: place mail into local recipient's mailbox
MAA Mail Access Agent: connect user agent to server message store
MSA(optional) Mail Submission Agent: takes message from MUA, makes it compliant to some standards, passes it to MTA.
Example mail message flow: MUA > MTA > MTA > MDA < MUA; MUA > MSA > MTA > MTA > MTA > MDA < MAA < MUA
E-mail structure: SMTP header = Envelope Return Path = ES (Envelope Sender), Destination = ER (Envelope Receiver)
E-mail structure: SMTP body = message header + body Header = From(HS), To(HR), CC, Date, Subject; Body = message
Mailbox Address Rewriting: Inbound Email alias (complaints@job.com >> /dev/null), Virtual Users (person@place.hi >> sameperson@differentplace.by)
Mailbox Address Rewriting: Outbound Masquerading (guy@host.domain.com >> guy@domain.com) Generics (devil@hell.heaven.tv >> angel@heaven.tv)
Sendmail configs: sendmail.cf (actual config but super confusing), sendmail.mc (readable config we use which gets turned into sendmail.cf)
How to accept mail from other MTAs DAEMON_OPTIONS (`Port=smtp, Name=MTA’)
What do you put into /etc/local-host-names host name or domain name for which mail server is hosting mail. (example#.lab)
Directive used to masquerade MASQUERADE_AS( `example#.lab' )
Samba: Set up public share [public]; path; public = yes
Samba: Set up homes share [homes]; writable = yes
Samba config file /etc/samba/smb.conf
Samba: user access [global]; security = user
Create a samba user smbpasswd -a user8213
List samba users stored in tdbsam pbdedit -L
Samba: Windows host access no need to install software, net use z: \\server\share
Samba protocol pre-Active Directory: CIFS application over NetBIOS session layer over TCP/IP; AD: CIFS application over TCP/IP
Created by: Datheral