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ECDL Module 1_Hardware

Hardware The electronic components that make up a computer system.E.g. Mouse, printer, VDU, keyboard, speakers, motherboard.
Personal computer (PC) is a computer designed for general use by a single person. E.g. A desktop pc, a laptop, a tablet.
Laptop Also know as a NOTEBOOK. Useful for personnel working on the go.
A tablet PC A wireless personal computer You can take notes using natural handwriting with a stylus, digital pen or touch-screen. Two types: Convertible model,b Slate model.
Hand held portable digital devices Personal Digital Assistant(PDA), A mobile Phone, A Portable Multimedia Player(PMP), A smartphone.
PDA Personal Digital Assistant: A lightweight, hand-held, usually pen-based computer used as a personal organiser.
Mobile Phone Uses a network of specialised base stations known as cell sites. supports additional services such as SMS, MMS, internet, personal information manager.
SMS Short Message Service
MMS Multimedia Messaging Service
Smart Phone Offers advanced capabilities beyond typical mobile phones. E-mail capabilities. Complete personal organiser. Can read PDF files and Microsoft office applications. Media software for playing music and viewing video clips. Internet browser.
PMP Portable Multi media player. Hand-held device that plays back audio, video or both. Has a portable photo album which displays images such as GIFs and JEPEGs.
GIF Graphics Interchange Format
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
CPU Central Processing Unit
Central Processing Unit The brain of the computer. Manipulates data to produce information. Located inside the system unit. The CPU is also referred to as the central processor or processor. It determines the speed at which program instructions are carried out by the computer.
Hard disk The main data storage area in the computer. When you install a program, e.g. a game, it is stored on your hard disk.
RAM Random Access Memory
Random Access Memory Is volatile storage that holds the program and data that the CPU would be processing/currently working on. E.g. The information you type on the keyboard is stored in the RAM.
Volatile Storage Volatile storage means the information is lost when you switch off the computer. (Temporary memory)
ROM Read Only Memory
Read Only Memory When the power supply is turned off, the instructions stored in ROM are not lost. Non-Volatile memory – its contents cannot be changed.
Monitor Also referred to as VDU – Visual Display Unit or video Display unit
Output device Printer, VDU, Speakers
Peripheral device is any device that you can attach to your computer, e.g. keyboard, scanner, mouse
Hot Swap is a feature of USB ports, allowing hardware to be connected without first having to power down the computer
Input/Output Ports The nine pin serial port, The twenty-five pin parallel port, A network Port – Ethernet Port, FireWire Port.
Graphics Card also known as a video card, is a piece of hardware installed in a computer that is responsible for rendering the image on the computer’s monitor or display screen.
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