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WC 6+


tom cut
ton, ten stretch, tone
chir hand
pod foot
cephal head
dactyl finger, toe
gloss, glott, glot language, tongue
osteo bone
derm, dermat skin
plas, plasm, plast mold; shape, form; substance
pachy- thick
tauto- same
algia, algy, algiac, algic, algetic pain, one who suffers pain, pertaining to or causing pain
machy, machia, machist, machic, machical, machal war; fight, one who fights; pertaining to fighting
itis, itic inflammation
atom a small particle unable to be cut
monotone all in one unvaried tone
cephalopod a mollusk with its tentacles attached to its head
chirography handwriting, penmanship
dactylology communication using the hands or fingers
polyglot a multilingual
osteotomy a dividing of the bone
pachyderm an elephant or thick-skinned animal
plastic a synthetic material that can be shaped
cephalalgia headache
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
logomachy an argument concerning words
chiromancy palmistry
hypodermic medicine under the skin
tautology needless repetition
bio life
phys nature; growth
psych mind; soul; spirit
soma, somat body
lith, lite stone
petr, peter rock
glyph, glypt carving
icon image; idol
astr star
nom arrangement; law
onoma, onym name
ec, oec house, environment
ethn nation
paleo ancient
neo new
hier sacred
clasm, clast, clastic breakage, destruction, one who shatters or destroys, breaking, destructive
lysis, lyst, lytic, lytical loosening, solution, one who solves, loosening, dissolving
iatry, iatrics, iatrist, iatric healing, science of healing
biography a record of life
physiology function of living organisms and their processes
psychiatry the practice of treating mental disorders
psychosomatic pertaining to a disorder (physical)
paleolithic an old late stone age tool
petrology study of rocks
hieroglyphics sacred pictograph scripts
iconoclast a breaker of tradition
misoneism dislike of new
astronomy study of stars and space
anonymous represented with no name
economics branch that deals with goods and material distribution of services
anomaly one who is not normal or fitting into typical environment
analysis a breakdown of a problem
ethnologist a branch that deals with culture and race
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