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Tongue Diagnosis

Tongue Diagnosis NESA

Thin Fluid/Yin/Blood Deficiency
Normal Slightly moist, thin white coat, pale red body, supple, no cracks, average length/wide
Swollen (whole body) SP & KD Yang deficiency
Swollen (sides) SP Qi deficiency or LV Qi stasis
Swollen (tip) HT Qi deficiency
Stiff Internal wind or extreme heat (injuring fluids) or blazing HT fire
Flaccid/flabby Extreme Qi deficiency
Flaccid & pale Extreme Qi & blood deficiency
Scalloped SP Qi deficiency
Deviated Wind invasion or internal wind
Quivering Wind
Quivering & pale SP Qi deficiency
Quivering & red Heat
Long HT pathology tendency
Contracted Fluid deficiency or LV wind
Contracted & red Deficiency due to heat
Contracted & pale Yang deficiency
Body color indicates Heat or cold, blood or qi stasis, conditions of organs, blood, qi & essence
Pale Blood or Qi Deficiency, cold
Pale, wet & swollen Yang deficiency
Red with coat Excess heat or OPI
Red without coat Yin deficiency
Purple Cold or blood stasis
Coat indicates Condition of Ying qi, blood, heat or cold, dampness, progression of OPI
Pale sides LV/GB blood or qi deficiency
Red sides LV/GB heat
Red tip HT heat
Thick coat Excess with strong pathogen, pathogen going deeper or damp accumulations
Thin coat Deficiency with weak pathogen, deficient body or ST qi, weak digestion
No coat Exhaustion of ST Yin with fluid & Yin damage
Red, no coat Empty heat & Yin deficiency
No root Weak Qi especially of ST & KD
Wet Fluid accumulation due to excess dampness, Yang deficiency or wind-cold invasion
Dry Fluid damage due to heat or dehydration
Greasy, sticky Phlegm, turbidity or food stagnation
Thick white coat Cold, wind-cold or LU/LI pathology
Yellow coat Heat
Black coat Severe deficiency with heat or turbidity
Pale, black coat KD deficiency
Yellow, black coat Damp-heat turbidity
Prickles Heat, can indicate YangMing stage of invasion
Thorns Extreme heat
Canker sores Heat in HT or ST
Cracks indicate Deficiency in particular organ area of tongue
Center crack SP Qi deficiency
Transverse cracks on sides SP/ST Qi deficiency
Transverse cracks Yin deficiency
Scattered cracks ST Yin deficiency
Cracks near tip HT Yin deficiency
Transverse cracks along central crack KD Yin deficiency
Swollen, purple sublingual veins Blood stagnation
Puffy, swollen Qi deficiency
Big, deep crack Yin, blood & fluid deficiency
Created by: clehmann