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Morte d' Arthur

In Morte d' Arthur what does Sir Gawain tell King Arthur in a dream? King Arthur will be killed if he fights Mordred the next day
In Morte d' Arthur why does Sir Gawain want King Arthur to delay the war with Mordred for a month? to give Lancelot time to come to his aid
What extraordinary event occurs in Morte d' Arthur? catching of the sword by a hand in the lake
In Morte d' Arthur what causes Sir Bedivere to disobey King Arthur's command to throw the sword in the lake? greed
In Morte d' Arthur when King Arthur is dying, women come to pick him up in a barge. How do they treat him? as though he deserves respect
At the end of Morte d' Arthur, the narrator says he is not sure what happened to King Arthur. Some say he was buried by a hermit who was once the Bishop of Canterbury. What do other people say happened to him? He did not die but will live again
The central theme of Morte d' Arthur involves what? Principles of Chivalry
Which of the following parts of Morte d' Arthur involves an element of the supernatural? catching of King Arthur's sword
The battle between King Arthur and Sir Mordred in Morte d' Arthur is similar to other legends of the Middle Ages because why? it's heroes fight nobly
In Morte d' Arthur which personal characteristic motivates Sir Bedivere to disobey King Arthur's order to throw the king's sword into the lake? common sense
Which statement would you NOT include in a summary of Morte d' Arthur? Sir Bedivere reluctantly throws King Arthur's sword into the lake
Which is the most appropriate word to describe what the hermit did to King Arthur in Morte d' Arthur? interred
Which word is most nearly OPPOSITE in meaning to righteous? unethical
Created by: gotmo