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Multimedia Study

Multimedia Study Guide for Midterm

Presentation A set of slides or handouts that contain information you want to convey to an audience
Design Template A preformatted slide design that contains colors and graphics to make your presentation consistent and attractive
Slide Layout Pre-determined sets of placeholders for various types of slide content
Placeholder Designated areas in PowerPoint layouts that can be used to easily insert text, graphics, or multimedia objects
Slide Sorter View A method of viewing multiple slides in the presentation at one time so you can easily move them
Outline Pane Selecting the Outline pane in Normal view lets you see the outline of a slide presentation in text form on the Outline pane, as well as with slide thumbnails on the Slide pane
Format To change the text appearance by applying a new font face, size, alignment, color, or style
Color Scheme A set of compatible colors in a slide used for background, type, lines, and objects
Placeholder Border A screened area around the edge of a placeholder, use to move a placeholder. You can also click on a placeholder to select the text or apply font changes
Sizing Handles Any of eight small black boxes located on a placeholder’s border, used to resize the placeholder
Transitions The visual effect used when one slide moves off the screen and another moves onto the screen
Advance Slide Timing A setting that controls the amount of time a slide displays on the screen
Animate To apply movement to text or an object. For example, text might fly onto the screen from the left or drop in from above
Preset animation Several types of movements included in PowerPoint that you can apply quickly and easily
Handouts Printed copies of the presentation for the audience to refer to during and after the slide show
Prezi cloud based presentation software
HTML HyperText Markup Language
Ordered list number list and used to show a priority of importance
Unordered list a bulleted list
<p> a paragraph tage
<br> a page break tag
Hexadecimal a base-16 numbering system that consists of the numbers 0 through 9 and the letters A through F; used for background colors.
<h1> the largest heading tag size
Notepad The word processing program used to develop html code
Zoom in/out they way to move around in Prezi
Path different slides in Prezi are called
Frames Instead of placeholders in Prezi you create these
Created by: cebates1