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Herbal Formulas

T Blood; T Qi & Blood; T Yin; T Yang

Si Wu Tang ("Four Substance") shu di huang, bai shao, dang gui, chuan xiong, Blood deficiency Addresses blood def. conditions Tonify Blood
Qin Lian Si Wu Tang Si Wu Tang (w/ sheng di huang replacing shu di huang) + huang qin, huang lian, mai men dong Blood deficiency w/ Heat For concurrent blood def. & heat build up at yin level -- Initial stage of heat entering blood; use of bitter cold herbs to drain heat Tonify Blood
San Huang Si Wu Tang ("3 Yellow + 4 Substance"_ Si Wu Tang + huang qin; huang lian; da huang Blood def. w/ excessive heat shu di huang used as a mild anchoring substance Tonify Blood
Tao Hong Si Wu Tang Si Wu Tang + Tao Ren & Hong Hua Blood def. + Bl Stagn. (blank) Tonify Blood
Bu Gan Tang ("Tonify the LV Dec.") Si Wu Tang + suan zao ren; mu gua; zhi gan cao LV blood & yin def. (blank) Tonify Blood
Ai Fu Nuan Gong Wan Si Wu Tang + xiang fu; ai ye; huang qi; wu zhu yu; rou gui; xu duan Blood stagn. & cold in womb More moving than nourishing. Warms & comforts the womb, tonifies blood, & calms fetus Tonify Blood
Dang Gui Shao Yao San bai zhu; fu ling; ze xie; chuang xiong; dang gui; shao yao LV blood deficiency w/ stasis & SP def 1/2 4 Gentlemena + 3/4 Four Substance; For def. w/ a lot of stagn. but weaker than Ai Fu Nuan Gong Wan for wekaer Pxs. Ze Xie damages yin less in its category Tonify Blood
Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang shao yao + gan cao Blood def. w/ injury to the fluids Per Bensky indicated for pain; per Pai too weak, perhaps for very weak Pxs Tonify Blood
Dang Gui Sheng Jiang Yang Rou Tang dang gui; sheng jiang; yang rou (mutton) + wine Cold blood w/ interior def. (blank) Tonify Blood
Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang huang qi; dang gui Consumptive Fatigue Addresses principally qi def. needed for circulation. Huang qi used instead of ren shen b/c former addresses more the circualtion of qi & therefore blood. It moves better than ren shen. Tonify Qi & Blood
Gui Pi Tang 4 gentleman + zhi yuan zhi; suan zao ren; long yan rou; mu xiang; dang gui SP qi & HT blood def. For SP & HT def. w/ palpitations. Focus is on strengthening SP & Calming Spirit Tonify Qi & Blood
Zhi Gan Cao Tang zhi gan cao; ren shen; gui zhi; sheng di huang; mai men dong; e jiao; hao ma ren; sheng jiang; dao zao Consumptive disorders w/ qi & blood deficiency Focus on nourishing blood & resotring the pulse; ren shen + gui zhi very effective for palpitations; huo ma ren to address yang rising def. heat, partic. palpitations; insomnia. This hb drains heat down gently. Beg. stage of sep. of yang & yin Tonify Qi & Blood
Jia Jian Fu Mai Tang zhi gan cao; sheng di huang; bai shao; mai men dong; e jiao; hou ma ren (blank) (blank) Tonify Qi & Blood
Ba Zhen Tang ("8 Treasures") 4 Gentlemen + 4 Substance + sheng jiang; da zao Qi & Blood Def. (blank) Tonify Qi & Blood
Shi Quan Da Bu Tang ("10 Perfect") 4 Gentlemen + 4 Substance + Rou gui; huang qi Qi & Bl def. w/ a predominance of deficient qi tending toward cold rou gui - warming hb that guides fire down to ming men; huang qi enhances moving ability Tonify Qi & Blood
He Ren Yin he shou wu; ren shen; dang gui; chen pi; wei jiang Malarial disorder w/ qi & bl def. (blank) Tonify Qi & Blood
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (6 Ingredient Pill w/ Rehmannia) shu di huang; shan zhu yu; shan yao; ze xie; mu dan pi; fu ling KI & LV Yin Def. Shan yao - only qi tonifying herb that astringes & binds the essence; Ze Xie clears & drains overabundance of KI fire and hardly damages yin (other Che Qian Zi) Tonify Yin
Qi Ju Di Huang Wan Liu Wei Di Huang Wan + gou qi zi; bai ju hua For Dry eyes To brighten vision Tonify Yin
Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan Liu Wei Di Huang Wan + huang bai; zhi mu Yin def. w/ vigorous fire, consumptive heat & steaming bone disorder For greater heat signs; Huang Bai clears heat and brings it down without expelling from body Tonify Yin
Dang Gui Di Huang Yin dang gui; shu di haung; shan yao; du zhong; niu xi; shan zhu yu; zhi gan cao (blank) Slightly Yang tonifying Tonify Yin
Ming Mu Di Huang Wan shu di huang; sheng di huang; shan yao; ze xie; shan zhu yu; mu dan pi; chai hu; fu shen; dang gui; wu wei zhi For blurring & diminished vision caused by yin def. (Stronger than Qi Ju Di Huang Wan) (blank) Tonify Yin
Zuo Gui Yin (Restore the Left (Kidney) Dec.) shu di huang; shan yao; gou qi zi; shan zhu yu; fu ling; zhi gan cao KI Yin def. w/ injury to the essence & marrow Moving tendency of most in this category reduced & nourishing increases Tonify Yin
Zuo Gui Wan (Pill) shu di huang; shan yao; shan zhu yu; chuan niu xi; tu si zi; lu jiao jiao; gui jiao (blank) Must have good Yang fx otherwise Yang tonifying fx too heavy Tonify Yin
Da Bu Yin Wan (Great Tonify the Yin Pill) shu di huang; su hiu gui ban; chao huang bai; zhi mu Upward rising of Fire from KI & LV Def. Gui ban nourishes yin & weighs down floating yang; huang bai for lower burner (KI) & Zhi mu for upper burner (LU) Tonify Yin
Hu Qian Wan (Hidden Tiger Pill) jiu chao Huang bai; jiu chao Zhi mu; shi du huang; su zhi Gui ban; bai shao; hu gu (tiger bone); suo yang; gan jiang; chen pi Atrophy Disorder due to LV & KI def. Dries Damp in bones & strengthens KI; Hu Gu + Suo Yang strengthen sinews & bones; Bai shao nourishes sinews & tonifies blood Tonify Yin
Da Zao Wan (Great Creation Pill) zi he che; su jiu Gui ban; huang bai; du zhong; niu xi; mai men dong; tian men dong; sheng di huang; ren shen KI & LU Yin Def. Especially useful for consumptive disorders w/ emaciation Tonify Yin
Yi Guan Jian (Linking Dec.) sheng di huang; gou qi zi; sha shen; mai men dong; dang gui; chuan lian zi KI & LV def. w/ LV qi constraint Commonly used for chronic hepatitis Tonify Yin
Zhu Jing Wan (Preserve Vistas Pill) tu si zi; shu di huang; che qian qi (with soup of fu ling & shi chang pu) KI & LV def. w/ some dampness (& underlying abuse to the eyes) Diminished vision due to LV & KI def., w/ some dampness caused by a reduction in fluid metabolism. Che qian zi improves visual acuity by promoting the proper metabolism of fluids & the draining of dampness. Tonify Yin
Qi Bao Mei Ran Dan (Seven Treasure Special Pill for Beautiful Whiskers) he shou wu; fu ling; niu xi; dang gui; gou qi zi; tu si zi; bu gu zhi; hei zhi ma KI & LV yin def. w/ indications of premature graying of hair; hair loss; loose teeth; spontaneous & nocturnal emissions (blank) Tonify Yin
Er Zhi Wan (2-Ultimate Pill) mu shen zi; han lian cao KI & LV yin def. w/ weakness & soreness of lower back & knees, Relatively milder than Liu Wei Di Huang Wan. This FX preferrred when chronic bleeding is part of the presentation and is considered by some to be superior in treating premature graying or loss of hair Tonify Yin
Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan Liu Wei Di Huang Wan + Fu Zi; gui zhi (rou gui) KI Yang Def. (blank) Tonify Yang
You Gui Wan fu zi; rou gui; lu jiao jiao; tu si zi; du zhong; shu di huang; shan zhu ye; shan yao; gou qi zi; dang gui KI Yang Def. w/ Waning of the fire at the gate of vitality (blank) Tonify Yang
Tu Si Zi Wan tu si zi; lu rong; rou cong rong; shan yao; fu zi; wu yao; wu wei zi; sang piao xiao; yi zhi ren; duan mu li; ji nei jin KI qi def. w/ an inability to grasp the essence (blank) Tonify Yang
You Gui Yin fu zi; rou gui; du zhong; shu di huang; shan zhu yu; shan yao; gou qi zi; zhi gan cao (blank) (blank) Tonify Yang
Zan Yu Dan fu zi; rou gui; rou cong rong; ba ji tian; yin yang huo; she chuang zi; jiu zi; xian mao; shan zhu yu; du zhong; shu di huang; dang gui; gou qi zi; bai zhu Waning of the fire at the gate of vitality, and cold from deficiency of the essential qi (blank) Tonify Yang
Er Xian Tang xian mao; yin yang huo; ba ji tian; huang bai; zhi mu; dang gui KI yin & yang def., accompanied by flaring up of fire due to def. Was used to address female menopausal conditions w/ def. yang Tonify Yang
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