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Photoshop Final

Photoshop Final Term 1

Keys used to CUT a Photoshop selection? CMD+X
Keys used to COPY a Photoshop selection? CMD+C
Keys used to PASTE a Photoshop selection? CMD+V
Keys used to DESELECT a Photoshop selection? CMD+D
Keys used to UNDO your last move? CMD+Z
Tool unfocuses image area BLUR TOOL
Lightens an area of an image DODGE TOOL
Is an oval shape with one dimension ELLIPITICAL MARQUEE TOOL
Is used to sample a color from an image to use this color further EYEDROPPER TOOL
Grab and move HAND TOOL
Creates and edits vector-based text in a separate layer. Tool and start typing to make a horizontal line of text HORIZONTAL TYPE TOOL
To select rounded or irregular shapes that don't have to be precise LASSO TOOL
Is used to Photoshop to change a photo's background or other color area MAGIC ERASER TOOL
Selects colors that are similar to the color you click on MAGIC WAND TOOL
Finds the edge of an object as you drage near the edge and selection snaps to the edge as you drag. MAGNETIC LASSO TOOL
Selects rectangular shapes MARQUEE TOOL
Tool fills the continuously colored area with the foreground color or pattern PAINT BUCKET
Creates polygon shapes within an image POLYGON TOOL
Tool fills the continuously colored area with the foreground color or pattern PAINT BUCKET
Creates polygon shapes within an image POLYGON TOOL
Tool is good for selecting objects with straight edges POLYGONAL LASSO TOOL
What are the keyboard shortcuts to zoom into an area CMD KEY +
What are the keyboard shortcuts to zoom into an area CMD KEY -
Select multiple different colors that are adjacent to each other but enclosed in a surrounding color that contrasts with all the colors you want to select QUICK SELECTION TOOL
To draw rectangle and other shapes RECTANGLE TOOL
To rotate the object ROTATE VIEW TOOL
Tool creates rectangular shapes and paths (shape outlines) with rounded corners. ROUNDED RECTANGLE TOOL
Selects a row of pixels SINGLE ROW MARQUEE TOOL
Blends the pixels where you paint simulating the action of dragging a finger through wet paint. SMUDGE TOOL
Save your document CMD+S
What is the main advantage of using layers in Photoshop YOU CAN EDIT A LAYER WITHOUT MESSING UP A PICTURE IN ANOTHER LAYER
What effect does changing the opacity have o the layer IT MAKES IT MORE OR LESS TRANSPARENT
Created by: misstemple
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