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HW2 - Midterm 2

List of preventative maintenance tasks Update AV-run scans; Defrag; Scandisk; Disk cleanup; Spycheck; Physical system cleaning
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures, server-class HD could be 1.2 million hours.
Can MTBF be used to determine when a particular drive may fail? No.
What is MTBF used for? Help determine how many spares to have on hand.
How is MTBF calculated? Run thousand drives for fifty days, if one drive fails would give an MTBF of 1.2 million hours.
3 Phases of failure: Infant mortality; Useful life / Constant Failure; Wear-out
What other stat could be listed besides MTBF which would be useful? AFR-Annualized Failure Rate, Service life (usually 3-7 years), warranty period considered best measure of expected life.
What do POST Cards check? Checks and stresses buses and circuitry of the motherboard (PCI, PCIe, IRQ lines, memory lines, etc) + presence and stability of common voltage.
What slot does POST card use? Typically PCI, some PCIe and USB
Can faulty expansion slot damage POST card? Not if the POST card is fused (usually are)
POST cards output codes on which port? 80 (unless proprietary), displayed on readout as a hex value.
How do POST cards display voltage integrity? LED's
POST Card Disadvantage: Expensive
Post Card Advantage: seemingly dead motherboards, intermittent, quality assurance, fast diagnostic, speeds up RMA turnaround time.
POST Card Trivia! SVGA connector (dead video card), built in BIOS (dead BIOS), loopback testers
Optical Drive: Not recognized by BIOS Firmware, CMOS config, or physical
Optical Drive: Recognized at boot but not OS Firmware, Driver, or registry issue
Optical Drive: not recognizing/playing some discs Firmware, Region, or faulty disc
Optical Drive: not burning discs correctly Firmware, interface, software, or system perfomance
CLV Changes rotate speed
CAV Same rotate speed
ZCLV Changes rotate speed depending on the zone of the disc. Many have 3 zones (3 speeds).
How to destroy optical disks: Clean in circular motion; leave in sun; heat+cold; scratch the top; glue+alcohol; use labels!
Should you use DMA in DVD drive settings? For best performance, yes. Stands for Direct Memory Access.
EP Printers, but whats EP? Electrophotographic!
Printer: Obvious fixes didn't work, good next step? Clean and lubricate printer, often fixes problem.
Printer: Check if capable of printing? Self-test page
Printer: Check if connection to printer working? Windows test page
Printer Symptom: Blank Page Printhead failure (laser)
Printer Symptom: Totally black page Primary corona (or charge roller) failure
Printer Symptom: Distorted characters Drum not turning freely
Printer Symptom: Image falls off page Fuser assembly failed
Printer Symptom: Can't find printer Parallel port config
Printer Symptom: Memory Insufficient printer memory
Printer Symptom: Incorrect formats Application / Driver
HVPS High Voltage Power Supply, sounds dangerous (up to -5000V).
Repeated paper jams in same part of printer? Worn part or incorrect paper/transparency type being used.
Dot Matrix Print Heads 9, 18, 24. 1-3 rows.
HD Failure: Physical If controller can replace with identical drive controller. If motor bearing, needs to be opened, clean room.
HD Failure: Logical Stop all writing to drive; make image of the drive; try to recover data from image
HD Failure: Logical - Causes Corrupt file/partition table/MBR, deleted files, formatting drive.
HD Failure: corrupt system file repair with OS disk
HD Failure: corrupt partition table, file deletion, drive formats Specialized software (ontrack, getdataback, Active@ data recovery)
HD Failure: Defragmented drive Better chance of data recovery when file allocation table is corrupt.
Mix Tin and Gold? NEVER!
RAM: verify! Type, speed, capacity, timing, voltage.
What is often used instead of MTBF? AFR, Annualized failure rate. Estimated probability that a device or component will fail during a full year of use.
What aspects of working on a printer can be dangerous? Toner (inhaling/staining), HVPS, Fuser assembly (HOT!)
How do you clean up toner? Special Vacuum with a charge
What can cause printed copies to come out of a laser printer to be to light? Low on toner / bad or incorrectly installed toner cartridge. (could be many things appearantly)
Why shouldn’t a printer (particular an ink jet) be turned off with power button? Heads actually clean and seal themselves, otherwise nozzle’s stay open, ink dries.
Where does the ink end up in a printer that is used to clear nozzles, etc. Spittoon!
What to consider when choosing paper for a printer? Make sure printer supports the type of paper you use, not all paper types/weight supported.
What are the four color of toner in a printer? Cyan, magenta, yellow, black
Where do the printers mix the colors of toner for laser printer? Transfer belt
Two modes of printing for dot matrix? Font, Dot Addressable
What is the name of the optional that lets printers print on both sides of page? Duplex printing
What can cause a paper jam? Printer hasn’t been maintained, incorrect paper type, worn parts, humidity (high=sticky,low=static)
If problem occurs in the same place in a printer quite often, what could be wrong? Indicates a worn part or incorrect paper being used.
7 Steps of laser printing!! Process, Charge, Write, Develop, Transfer, Fuse, Clean.
How is bond weight of paper measured? Weight in pounds of 500 sheets (a ‘ream’) of 17x22 paper
What is a ream? 500 sheets of paper of same size and quality (identical).
What should you do if you get a paper jam? Try to form feed, pull paper in direction it normally goes in.
Gummy sludge found in ink jet printers? Ink + paper dust, its disgusting!
Optical Speeds CD X = 150KBps, DVD X= 9X = 1350, Blu-ray = 30X = 4,500
Diff between dvd and bluray Size, Speed, Laser
Any guarantee that blu-ray can play dvd? No
Region codes for dvd and bluray? Yes
How many region codes for bluray and dvd? BR=3(A-C), DVD=9(0-8)
What is max recommended PATA cable length? 18 inches
What max length for SATA cable length? 39 inches
PCIe power connecter pins? 6, 8 (sometimes 2x 8 pins)
Out of range message on LCD monitor? Resolution, color depth, or outputted refresh rate is set beyond what LCD is capable of.
How is CRT discharged? Using a screw driver w/ well insulated handle, ground it well with a jumper wire, slide screwdriver under suction cup (where anode wire is covered) until loud pop w/ blue flash.
What is degaussing? For CRT. Shadow mask builds up charge, resulting in a rainbow effect. Demagnetizes this fixes.
How to degause? Button on back or rebooting it
What is pin-cushioning? Sides and top/bottom move in
Barreling? Opposite of pin-cushioning, screen bulges at edges.
What is resolution? Number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed.
Common Beep codes? Video = 1 long, 2(or 3) short, Memory = Repeated long, Everything is ok = 1 short, Motherboard = 1 long, 1 short
What would be a minimum voltage you can get on blue wire with loose tolerance? Blue = -12V, -12V x 0.9 = -10.8V
What is tight/loose tolerance? 5% tight, loose 10%
Wire Voltages! Yellow/Blue = +12/-12, Orange = 3.3, Red/White = +5/-5, Purple = 5
What makes one Power Supply better than another? Efficiency (power loss to heat), Wattage
RAM count at boot good indicator? No
Convert DDR#1-#2! DDR#1-#2 = PC#1-#2 x 8. Eg DDR2-800 = PC2-6400, DDR-200 = PC-1600
What is a memory leak? Incorrectly managed memory allocation, eventually exhausts available system memory.
What happens when a file is deleted? Pointer to the file removed and space marked as available to be written to. Data remains until overwritten.
Name some data recovery software! Recuva, GetDataBack, Data Rescue PC, EaseUS
What is SAS? Serial attached scsi, no need to ID, no termination
How does SAS number itself? It uses WWN, World Wide Name
What connectors on video card? VGA, DVI, S-Video, HDMI, DisplayPort
Defective pixel, what is it? dead pixel (permanently black), stuck pixel (always on red, blue, or green)
RPC2 instead of RPC1, what the hell are these things, differences? Regional Protection Code for DVD Drives, 1=any region works, 2=region enforced.
Sound stuff from last semester! DSP = Digital Signal Processor, DAC = Digital to Audio Converter, Green=front/headphone Black=Rear Pink=Mic Blue=Out Orange=Sub/Center
Normal cause of “No Video” message from display? Usually cabling or adapter problem.
Sometimes uninstalling a program will unintentionally do what? corrupt a sound driver, so if all else fails, download the most recent drivers and reinstall
Typical SCSI problems: ID Conflict, (Incorrect|Absent|Type) Terminator, compatibility issues
SCSI: Some devices fail to respond improper termination, locate last responding device on bus to check
SCSI: Data transfers are corrupt No termination (data reflected), defective terminator, incorrect terminator.
SCSI: Appears in boot but not windows Drivers or set to legacy mode.
SCSI: Works on one system not another Firmware on card or motherboard.
Created by: Datheral