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Physical Exam Final

Physical Exam Final - Jaeger

What are the names of the 4 structures that divide the abdomen in sections? LLQ,RLQ, LUQ, & LLQ
What structure is frequently palpable as firm, narrow tube in the LLQ? sigmoid colon
What structure is found in the RLQ? cecum & part of the ascedning colon from a softer, wider tube.
what is the color & consistency of gastric juice? clear & mucoid
what does brownish or blackish vomitus with a "coffee-grounds" apperanece suggests? altered by gastric acid.
coffee ground or emessis or red blood is termed? Hematemesis
What is Hematemesis? duodenal or pepetic ulcer, esophageal or gastric varices, gastritis.
What pain is felt in the RUQ from liver distention aginsts its capsule in alcoholic hepatitis? Visceral pain
When does visceral pain occur? When hollow organs contract unusally forcefully, distended, or stretched,.
What kind of pain is associated with acute appendicitis from distenetion of inflamed appendix,gradually changing to parietal pain in th eRLQ from inflamation of the adhacetn pareital peritioneum? Visceral periumbilical
Citrus fruits may cause what symptoms? aggravate the pain of reflux esophagitis; lactase deficiency is possible if abdominal discomfort linked to milk ingestion
What are the factors that aggravate or relieve the pain? Meals, antacid, alcohol, & medication.
Thin like pencil stool in an obstruting "apple-core" is what type structer? sigmoid colon
What is constipaton? Decrease in frquency of bowel movements
What is diarrhea? Excessive frequency in the passage of stools that are usually unformed or watery.
What does black tarry stool symoblizes? Melena or red blood in the stools (aka Hematochezia).
What condititons leave your stool looking yellwish or gray greay foul smelling stools & sometimes frothy of floating? Steatorrhea or fatty stools seen in malabsorption
What kind of Hepatitis can a person contract while traveling or meals of poor snitation, ingestion of contaminated water or foodstuffs? Hepatitis A
What kind of Hepatitis can a person contract from parenteral or mucous membrane exposure to infectious body fluids such as blood, serum, semen, & saliva, especially via sexual contact with an infected partner or use of shared needles for injection drug us Hepatitis B
What kind of Hepatitis can a person contract from intravenous illicit drug use of blood transfusion? Hepatitis C
Pink-purple striae on the skin of the abdomen is an indication for what disease? Cushing's syndrome
Bulging flanks on the abdomen indicates what condition? Ascites
Suprapubic bulges of a distended bladdder or pregnant uterus on the abdomen indicates? Hernias
When looking for visible masses or organ what is one looking for? lower abdominal mass of an ovarian or uterine tumor
What organ s are you looking for that maybe enlarged that descends below the rib cage? Liver of Spleen
Created by: rhjordan