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Bandhas Benefits Jalandhara Bandha Strengthens thyroid, relieves stiffness and enhances mental clarity
Bandhas Benefits Moola Bandha Helps with hemorrhoids, helps incontinence, helps sexual function
Bandhas Benefits Uddiyana Bandha Improves digestion, and strengthens abdominal muscles
Bandhas Contraindications Moola Bandha Rectal surgery
Bandhas Contraindications Uddiyana Bandha Abdominal surgery
Bandhas Contraindications Jalandhara Bandha Neck injury, neck surgery, and thyroid surgery
Five Contraindications for sun salutations 1. Any recent surgeries 2. Knee, ankle, hip injuries 3. High blood pressure 4. Glaucoma 5. Migraines
Four general safety guidelines for yoga 1.Pregnant women must check with their doctors before beginning exercise 2.Make sure students avoid sudden/rapid movement 3.Remind students not to compare 4.Encourage students to understand/respect their limitations
Tamas Guna-Dissolution,Resistance,Heavy,Dull
Rajas Guna-Maintenance,Transformation,Active,Excited
Sattva Guna-Creation,Purity,Goodness
Ligaments Connect bone to bone
Socket joints Larger range of motion in all directions
Tendons Attach muscles to the bone
Hinge joint Most of the motion in just one plane
Facilitated Stretching Practitioners use this stretching to deepen their postures.
Dynamic Stretching Practitioners use this stretching during vinyasa type practice. It involves repetitive movements of the body into deeper stretches.
Static Stretching The most common technique used in hatha yoga. It can be active or passive stretching.
Medial closer to the midline of the body
Lateral away from the midline
Superior above or towards the head
Inferior below or away from the head
Proximal closer to the trunk or midline
Distal away from the trunk or midline
Origin Proximal attachment of the muscle
Insertion Distal attachment of the muscle to a bone
Agonist Muscle that contracts to produce a certain movement
Antagonist Muscle that relaxes while agonist contracts
Synergist Muscle that assists the action of the agonist
Concentric The muscle shortens while maintaining constant tension through a range of motion
Eccentric The muscle contracts while lengthening
Isometric The muscle generates tension but does not shorten, and the bones do not move
Coronal Divides the body into front & back
Sagittal Divides the body into left & right
Transverse Divides the body into upper & lower halves
Flexion moves the extremity forward
Extension moves the extremity backwards
Abduction moves the extremity away from the midline
Adduction moves the extremity towards the midline
Internal Rotation rotation towards the midline
External Rotation rotation away from the midline
Five precautions during pregnancy 1.Never strain in a pose 2.Squatting time should be limited 3.Avoid lying flat on back for prolonged periods of time after the third month 4. Avoid standing for extended periods of time 5. Avoid rapid breathing
Three Yoga recommendations during pregnancy 1.Move quietly from within 2.Practice recommended pranayamas 3.Breath using sound, especially chakra sounds
Pranayama exercises recommended during pregnancy Ujjayi, Nadi Shodhana, Belly breathing- with variations such as 3 part breath
Bellows Breath Bhastrika
Shining Breath Kapalabhati
Success Breath Ujjayi
Complete Breath Dirgha
Alternate Nostril Breath Nadi Shodhana
Five things that balance Vata 1. Regular habits 2. Quiet 3. Attention to fluids 4. Warmth 5. Ample rest
Five things that balance Pitta 1. Moderation 2. Decreased stimulants 3. Exposure to natural beauty 4. Attention to leisure 5. Coolness
Five things that balance Kapha 1. Stimulation 2. Reduced sweetness 3. Variety of experiences 4. Weight control 5. Regular exercise
Vata Air & Space
Pitta Fire & Water
Kapha Earth & Water
Kapha Rejuvenative herbs- appropriate dosha Elecampane & honey
Vata Rejuvenative herbs- appropriate dosha Gotu Kola and garlic
Pitta Rejuvenative herbs- appropriate dosha Aloe Vera & Saffron
Seven major healing techniques of Ayurveda 1. Panchakarma 2. Meditation 3. Aromatherapy 4. Music therapy 5. Healing visualization 6. Healing sounds 7. Marma therapy
Aromas that invigorate Lemon, orange, clove, cinnamon
Aromas that cool Jasmine, mint, lime, rose
Aromas that calm Lavender, vanilla, sandalwood, neroli
Imbalanced Earth generates heaviness, sluggishness and congestion
Imbalanced Fire generates belittling tendencies, indigestion, and compulsion
Imbalanced Wind generates anxiety, ungroundedness, and irregularity
Balanced Wind generates enthusiasm, creativity, and flexibility
Balanced Fire generates intelligence, strong digestion and goal orientation
Balanced Earth generates stability, reliability and tolerance
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