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Plot Test

Plot The chain of related events that explains to us what happens in a story.
Conflict A struggle between 2 opposing characters or forces.
Internal Conflict A struggle that occors within the main character.This struggle happens within the characters own mind.
external conflict a struggle the main character has with another character,with society, or with a natural force.
Character A person, animal, or imaginary creature in a story, play, or other literary work
setting time and place of a story
theme The general idea or message about life that is revealed through a work of literature
idiom a type of figurative language that means something other than the literal translation of the individual words.
Stage 1 Expodition the beginning of the story. This is where the author sets up the story including characters, setting, and main conflicts.
Stage 2 - Rising Action occurs as you begin to move throughout the story. This is where conflicts start to build just like when you climb a mountain you are moving further along.
Stage 3 - Climax the turning point of the story.
Stage 4 - Falling Action occurs after the climax as things start to work themselves out in the story. You are coming down the mountain just as you are coming down from the excitement of the climax.
Stage 5 - Resolution the solution to the problem as you have reached the bottom of the mountain. The solution might not be what you want, but the conflict has been resolved.
Conflict a struggle between two opposing forces
outside story a personal narrative about a childhood event in Jackie Robinson’s life.
inside story Jackie’s narrative about his career in baseball.
Title literally Jackie must test the ice to be sure it is safe for his children - even though he can’t swim.
Title figuratively Jackie is the first African American to play in the major leagues and must decide if he is strong enough to face all the challenges in order to make way for future African American major league players.
What figurative language device is this? Idiom
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