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Howard Exam 3

Howard Pharm 1 Exam 3

Fu Ling enters LU, SP, HT (Sprung Heart)
Fu Ling leaches out Dampness for edema, urinary difficulty
Fu Ling strengthens and helps what organ transform Phlegm SP
Fu Ling has this effect on the Spirit Calms
Fu Ling is this temperature Neutral
Zhu Ling leaches out Dampness for problems of Stagnation of Dampness
Hua Shi drains Heat or Expels Damp Heat by Promoting urination
Hua Shi is used with Gan Cao to clear Summerheat
Hua Shi absorbs Dampness when used Topically
Yi Yi Ren strengthens what organ SP
Yi Yi Ren leaches out Dampness for edema, urinary difficulty
Yi Yi Ren acts on the LU and LI to discharge Pus
Yi Yi Ren clears what type of Heat Damp-heat
Yi Yi Ren expels what type of Bi Wind-damp
Dong Gua Ren clears what type of Heat Phlegm-heat
Dong Gua Ren promotes discharge of pus from what organs LU, LI
Dong Gua Ren drains Damp Heat for what symptom Vaginal discharge
Mu Tong drains Heat from what organs HT, SI
Mu Tong has this effect on the breast Promotes lactation
Mu Tong has this effect on the blood vessels Unblocks them
Tong Cao drains what type of Heat Damp-heat
Tong Cao is typically used as what category of herb Envoy
Tong Cao has this effect on the breast Promotes lactation
Deng Xin Cao enters HT, SI, LU (LUde HusSI)
Deng Xin Cao drains what type of Heat Damp-heat
Deng Xin Cao drains HT heat by what method for what symptom Urination, insomnia
Deng Xin Cao can also help with what not communicating HT, KD
Qu Mai drains Damp-heat when Heat is more prevalent than Damp
Qu Mai is used for what type Lin Bloody, painful, may include kidney stones
Qu Mai breaks up Blood Stasis for what gynecological symptom Amenorrhea
Qu Mai has this effect on the bowels Unblocks for constipation
Di Fu Zi clears Damp-heat accumulating in what organ BL
Di Fu Zi expels Damp-heat for what symptom in what area itching, around genitals
Bian Xu drains Damp-heat when Heat and Dampness are equally severe
Bian Xu expels parasites
Bie Xie separates this in the lower warmer Pure from Turbid
Bie Xie drains Damp-heat when Dampness is more prevalent than heat
Bie Xie expels what type Bi Wind-damp, mild effect though
Shi Wei drains Damp-heat for what type Lin Stony, bloody, kidney stones
Shi Wei stops bleeding from Reckless movement of hot blood
Shi Wei treats coughing and wheezing by clearing Phlegm-heat
Che Qian Zi enters BL, KD, LV, LU (Kan’t LIft my Big LUNG)
Che Qian Zi drains Damp-heat pouring into the LW
Che Qian Zi promotes urination and thus Solidifies the stool
Che Qian Zi benefits what sensory organ Eyes when there is LV/KD deficiency
Che Qian Zi stops cough and expels Phlegm-heat
Dong Kui Zi drains Damp-heat for what type of Lin Bloody, stony Lin, kidney stones
Dong Kui Zi unblocks and moistens bowels for constipation
Dong Kui Zi benefits the breast in what way promotes lactation, stops pain and abscess
Dong Kui Zi, Mu Tong and Tong Cao all Promote lactation
Jin Qian Cao expels stones in what organs GB, BL
Jin Qian Cao drains Damp-heat in LV and GB for what symptoms Jaundice, red swollen eyes
Qu Mai, Shi Wei, Dong Kui Zi, Jin Qian Cao and Yu Mi Xi all Treat kidney stones
Chi Xiao Dou promotes urination for Edema and “leg qi”
Chi Xiao Dou treats swelling and Fire Toxins by Dispersing Blood stasis
Chi Xiao Dou clears Damp-heat manifesting as Mild jaundice
Ze Xie enters BL, KD (BLackened KIDNEY)
Ze Xie promotes urination to Drain Damp-heat in the LW
Ze Xie drains what type of Fire KD Fire
Yin Chen Hao is the principle herb for Treating jaundice
Yin Chen Hao treats jaundice arising from either Damp-heat or Damp-cold
Yin Chen Hao releases what type of Heat Exterior ShaoYang Heat
When there is Yin Deficiency, Yin Chen Hao can be substituted for what herb Chai Hu
Guang Fang Ji is what plant Aristolochia root
Guang Fang Ji is infamous because it was involved in KD failure in Belgium
Guang Fang Ji treats what type of Bi Wind-damp-heat Bi
Guang Fang Ji promotes urination for Edema, either facial or systemic
Han Fang Ji is what plant Stephania root
Han Fang Ji treats what type of Bi Wind-damp-heat Bi
Han Fang Ji promotes urination for Edema, lower body
Ban Bian Lian promotes urination for Edema, ascites when used with Yang tonic
Ban Bian Lian does what to the Blood for what symptoms Cools the blood for Fire Toxins like tonsillitis
Yu Mi Xu drains Damp-heat for what type Lin or symptom Stony Lin or edema
Yu Mi Xu treats what other Damp-heat symptom Jaundice, Yin or Yang
Yu Mi Xu treats what disorder Wasting and Thirsting disorder
Medicinals that dispel Wind-dampness treat Bi caused by Wind, Damp, and Cold
Dampness most likely lodges In the skin and muscles
Cold most likely lodges In the joints
Most Wind-dampness category herbs have these properties Aromatic and Warm
Wind-dampness category herbs can injure Yin and Blood
Du Huo enters KD, BL (Kold Bird)
Du Huo dispels Wind-dampness especially in this region Lower back and legs
Du Huo releases Exterior Wind Cold Damp
Du Huo is used for what condition types Acute or chronic
Du Huo is combined with what herb for stiffness or numbness in the ShaoYang aspect of the legs Fang Feng
Du Huo is combined with what herb to open up the GV meridian Qiang Huo
Wei Ling Xian has these properties Salty, Acrid, Warm
Wei Ling Xian acts on the channels by Unblocking channels, releasing exterior, promotes Qi movement in channels
Wei Ling Xian reduces Phlegm and pathogenic water where In the MW
Wei Ling Xian used with vinegar and sugar can Soften and transform fish bones stuck in the throat
Wei Ling Xian is combined with what herb to treat the upper body Qiang Huo
Wei Ling Xian is combined with what herb to treat the lower body Niu Xi
Wu Jia Pi enters LV, KD (old LIVER KID)
Wu Jia Pi dispels Wind-dampness and strengthens what Sinews and bones
Wu Jia Pi especially helps for what in the elderly Chronic deficiency of LV and KD
Wu Jia Pi treats Damp-Cold Leg Qi manifesting as Dampness, swelling, edema
Wu Jia Pi treats what in children Motor developmental delays
Qin Jiao is what temperature Slightly Cold
Qin Jiao treats what type of conditions Acute or chronic
Qin Jiao treats what type of Bi located where Hot or Cold Bi, especially in extremities
Qin Jiao clears what type of Heat Empty heat
Qin Jiao treats what Damp-heat symptom Jaundice
Qin Jiao treats dry constipation by Moistening the intestines
Qin Jiao can counteract what effect of other herbs that dispel Wind-dampness Drying effects
Sang Zhi dispels Wind-dampness where Especially in upper extremities
Sang Zhi is used for what in the hands Edema, swollen, painful fingers
Mu Gua enters SP, LV (SPent LIVER)
Mu Gua dispels Wind-dampness with what type of pain Severe, cramping pain
Mu Gua treats weakness where Lower back and lower extremities
Mu Gua does what in the ST Harmonizes, Transforms dampness, Stops abdominal pain, spasms, vomiting and diarrhea
Mu Gua reduces what symptom of the SP/ST (after Thanksgiving) Food stagnation
Can Sha is Silkworm feces
Can Sha enters ST, SP, LV (STud SParrow LIVE)
Can Sha dispels Wind-dampness, Bi and/or rashes
Can Sha does what in the ST Harmonizes, Transforms dampness, Stops abdominal pain, spasms, vomiting and diarrhea
Steaming Bone disorder is really Severe Yin deficiency with Empty Heat
Hai Tong Pi dispels what patterns of Wind-dampness Hot or Cold
Hai Tong Pi dispels Wind-dampness where Lower back and knees, with spasms
Hai Tong Pi promotes urination to Reduce edema
Hai Tong Pi treats what skin disorder Itching skin lesions
Bai Hua She is the most potent for Dispelling Wind-dampness
Bai Hua She is often combined with what herbs to dispel Wind-dampness Fang Feng, Qiang Huo, Qin Jiao
Bai Hua She unblocks Channels for numbness and weakness
Bai Hua She treats cramping and spasms by Extinguishing Wind
Bai Hua She can treat any type of rash
Xi Xian Cao has these properties Bitter and Cold
Xi Xian Cao is special because it is used for Wind-heat-damp BI
Xi Xian Cao can treat headaches and dizziness due to Ascendant LV Yang
Xi Xian Cao calms the Spirit and treats Irritability, insomnia, forgetfulness
Qian Nian Jian has this action on the sinews and bones Strong strengthening and fortifying
Qian Nian Jian is often combined with what herbs to supplement its strengthen action Ji Xue Teng and Gou Qi Zi
Qian Nian Jian dispels Wind-dampness especially for these patients Elderly
Qian Nian Jian can be used Externally as a wash or soak, Internally
Hai Feng Teng dispels what type of Bi Wind-cold-damp Bi
Hai Feng Teng treats what due to Cold Abdominal pain and diarrhea combined with herbs that Warm the Interior to Expel Cold
Cang Er Zi releases Wind-cold
Cang Er Zi treats the nasal passages by Opening them up
Cang Er Zi treats exterior disorders with what symptom Splitting headache
Cang Er Zi is used in children for Ear infections
Cang Er Zi treats what type of Bi Wind-dampness Bi
Cang Er Zi treats skin disorders with what symptom Itching
Luo Shi Teng means Collateral Stone Vine
Luo Shi Teng has this temperature Slightly Cold
Luo Shi Teng treats what type of Bi Wind-damp Bi that is relatively Hot
Luo Shi Teng treats heat by Cooling blood, reducing swellings and Fire Toxins
Luo Shi Teng treats painful obstructions where Throat
Herbs that dispel Wind-dampness and are Cool or Cold in nature are Han Fang Ji, Qin Jiao, Xi Xian Cao, Luo Shi Teng
Herbs that primarily Drain Dampness and secondarily Expel Wind-dampness are Mu Tong, Yi Yi Ren, Bei Xie
Herbs that treat “Leg Qi” are Mu Tong, Mu Gua, Chi Xiao Dou, Guang Fang Ji, Han Fang Ji, Wu Jia Pi
Herbs that treat Jaundice are Chi Xiao Dou, Qin Jiao, Yu Mi Xu, Yin Chen Hao, Jin Qian Cao
Lin or Stranguary means Urination that is painful, difficult, urgent, frequent, dribbling or incontinent
Shi Lin is Stone stranguary, may be sand
Qi Lin is Qi stranguary with Qi deficiency or Qi stagnation
Xue Lin is Blood stranguary with Blood deficiency, Blood Cold or Blood Heat
Gao Lin is Unctuous stranguary with urine that is like rice water or oil, greasy
Lao Lin is Taxation stranguary with dribbling or painful urination triggered by fatigue
Created by: clehmann