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Quick Recall Study

A task of this branch of NASA is to detect and determine the risk of impact of objects upon our planet. What group will "track and characterize potentially hazardous asteroids and comets that could approach the Earth"? NEAR EARTH OBJECT PROGRAM or NEOP
If one number has a prime factorization of 2 times 3 times 5, and another number has a prime factorization of 3 times 5 times 7, what is the least common multiple of these two numbers? 210
This explorer followed Bartolomeu Dias' route around the southern tip of Africa. He continued up the continent's east coast until he reached Calicut, a city in Asia. Identify this Portuguese explorer, the first European to reach India by sea. Vasco Da Gama
This novel begins, "Call me Ishmael." The crew aboard the Pequod watches as one-legged Captain Ahab pursues the title mammal. Name this book, subtitled The Whale, by Herman Melville. Moby Dick
This musical work was premiered at an educational event in February 1924. It is an excellent representation of jazz and the blues. What is this musical composition by George Gershwin that begins with a two-and-a-half-octave glissando for the clarinet? Rhapsody In Blue
An arithmetic sequence starts with the terms 22, 42, 62, 82, and so on. What is the twenty-fifth term of the sequence? 502
In July 2013, this man celebrated his 95th birthday while in the hospital. He is one of the world's most respected statesmen who was jailed for 27 years in his home country. Identify this Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and leader of South Africa. Nelson Mandela
This field of study comes from the Greek words for "management of the household" and "laws." Academics in this field include Joseph Schumpeter and John Maynard Keynes. Give the social science that studies balancing limited resources with unlimited wants. Economics
This novel spans the distance from Euclid, Ohio, to Lewiston, Idaho, where Gram and Gramps are taking Sal to see her mother's resting place. Which novel earned the Newbery Medal for Sharon Creech? Walk Two Moons
According to this location's website, families can "take control of a space mission or fly a fighter-pilot endeavor." Name the facility that brings the dreams of being an astronaut to life, right here on Earth, in Huntsville Alabama. Space Camp
Irving Berlin composed the music lyrics of this Broadway musical that is a fictionalized version of the life of one of America's famous "gun-toting" females. Identify this musical in which the title character is based on the Wild West Star, Annie Oakley. Annie Get Your Gun
Simplify the following: The absolute value of 25 minus the absolute value of negative 13. 12
The 17th amendment to the Constitution allowed for election of US senators by the voters of each state. Prior to this, US Senators were chosen by a method that did not include a vote. Who chose each state's two US senators prior To the 17th amendment? State Legislature
The organs of this system are responsible for the control of the body and communication among its part. What organ system includes not only the spinal cord and the brain, but also the system that transmits information to and from the brain? Nervous System
This Carlo Collodi creation has a name meaning "pine cone" in Italian. Gepetto carves him from wood, but he eventually becomes a real boy. Name this naughty puppet, whose nose grows when he tells a lie. Pinocchio
First and last name required. He represented Massachusetts at both the First and Second Continental Congresses. As a diplomat to Europe, he negotiated the end of the American Revolutionary War. Who was president during the Quasi-War with France? John Adams
He is considered the leading twentieth-century cosmologist, and he helped establish the field of extragalactic astronomy. Identify this American astronomer who proved that the universe is expanding, and for whom a space telescope is named. Hubble
If three cans of mixed vegetables cost 99 cents, then in dollars, how much would 12 cans cost? $3.96
This book's protagonist, Catherine, has tried to teach her autistic brother normal behavior. She questions normality when she moves next door to Kristi and meets Jason. Name this Newbery Honor Book by Cynthia Lord. Rules
Watty Piper wrote the book on which this Broadway play is based. Determination and perseverance help the title character move the Piney Vale Express. What is this play about a small train engine that defies expectations? The Little Engine That Could Earns Her Whistle
Given that a marathon is approximately 26 miles long and that a mile is approximately 5000 feet, approximately, how long, in feet, is a marathon? 130,000 feet
In film editing this term is similar to the creation of a collage on paper. It includes an assembly of shots to create a specific idea. Identify this assembly of pictures and the portrayal of action that is achieved through a series of short shots. montage
The term for this group of organisms comes from the Greek for "before kernel." Most of them are unicellular, although a few are multicellular, such as the cyanobacteria. Give the term for organisms that do not have a membrane-bound nucleus. Prokaryote
Catherine Thimmesh's book Team Moon tells how four hundred thousand people helped the spaceflight succeed. Which mission allowed Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong to be the first humans on the moon? Apollo 11
This statesman served as the subject of Walt Whitman's O Captain, My Captain! Though he opposed slavery, his first priority was to keep the nation united with minimal losses. Who is this sixteenth president of the United States, serving from 1861 to 1865? Abraham Lincoln
Identify the complete subject in the following sentence: The woman at the bike shop told us she could fix the tire. The woman at the bike shop
Name, in order from outermost to innermost, the four main parts of a complete flower. SEPALS, PETALS, STAMEN, PISTIL OR CARPEL
This goddess was Zeus's sister. She was the jealous protector of marriage and punished the women whom Zeus seduced. Identify the Greek goddess who was also Zeus's wife. Hera
This man was the first U.S. Senator from Texas. He was also the first President of the Republic of Texas, and led their forces in the Mexican-American War. Who now lends his name to an important Texas city? Sam Houston
When two parallel lines are both cut by the same line, what mathematical name is given to the line that cuts the two parallel lines? transversal line
A rectangular prism has a length of 8 feet, a width of 5 feet, and a height of 2 feet. What is the surface area in square feet of the rectangular prism? 132 square feet
Identify the prepositional phrase in the following sentence: It takes a long time to travel around the world. around the world
This deity is one of the manifestations of Brahman. He is married to the goddess Shakti or Kali. What is this Hindu deity called the Destroyer who is covered with white ashes, and from whose hair the Ganges River flows? shiva
This form of growth in response to a stimulus occurs as a result of an unequal distribution of auxin. What type of plant orientation or movement occurs in response to light? phototropism
This politician served as the first Governor of Virginia after independence. Give this statesman who famously said "Give me liberty, or give me death!" Patrick Henry
A cylinder has a base with an area of 16 pi square units. If the volume of the cylinder is 80 pi cubic units, what is the height in units of the cylinder? 5 units
Sometimes a dance will pop onto the dance scene and is dubbed this. What are these "new" dances that are considered contemporary short-lived dance fads? Craze
This astronaut eventually became a U.S. senator from Ohio. He became the oldest person to travel in space when he returned aboard the space shuttle Discovery at age 77. Identify the first American to orbit the Earth. John Glenn
This colony was established by Sir Walter Raleigh off the coast of North Carolina in 1565. Upon his return, the town had disappeared, with only the word "CROATOAN" carved into a tree. Identify this settlement, often nicknamed "The Lost Colony." Roanoke
This poem begins, "Nature's first green is gold, / Her hardest hue to hold." Eventually, "leaf subsides to leaf. / So Eden sank to grief, / So dawn goes down to day." Identify this poem that was written by Robert Frost. Nothing Gold Can Stay
An isosceles right triangle has a leg with a length of 5 inches. What is the length, in inches, of the hypotenuse of the triangle? 5 Radical 2
This element of dance relies on the relationships between the parts of the dance movements. It can be measured in the tempo of the dance. What is this element of dance that in everyday life may be checked on your cell phone or on a clock? Time
This measure of distance is just under 9.5 trillion kilometers. Identify the term for the distance that visible electromagnetic radiation travels in 365 days. Light Year
This poem states, "My little horse must think it queer / To stop without a farmhouse near." Identify this poem, in which the speaker has miles to go before he sleeps, by Robert Frost. Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening
This Spanish explorer established a settlement in present day Panama in 1510. His most famous discovery was made at San Miguel Bay, and named for the direction he traveled to reach it. Give this first European to see the Pacific from the New World. Balboa
Climate is weather that occurs in a large area over time. Areas of more concentrated weather extremes caused by elevation and/or topography can be localized. What are these local atmospheric zones where climate differs from the surrounding area? microclimate
Given the data set: 5, 8, 9, 7, 8, 6, 5, 9, 8, 7, and 6, what is the median of the data set? 7
In 1502, he became the first European to discover Argentina's Rio de la Plata. He proved that the West Indies were not part of Asia, but a new land mass. Which Italian-born explorer lent his name to the continents of North and South America? Amerigo Vespucci
These hymns are often considered to have originated with the slaves in the South. Other religious leaders used these hymns in their services. Identify this genre of music that includes such songs as "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot". Spirituals
This character, the young son of Bob Cratchit, has been crippled from birth. After a change of heart, Ebenezer Scrooge treats the boy as his own son. Which character from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol says, "God bless us, every one!"? Tiny Tim
In a group, there are 10 students. 3 of them are chosen to complete a project. How many different combinations are possible? 120
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