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industrial relations


what legislationw as introduced to replace the workplace relation act 1996? the fair work act 2009 (cth)
Why was the anti-discrimination legislation introduced? Prohibits discrimination on issues, such as race, gender, marital status, pregnancy, impairment, sexuality, age and religion.
what is Direct Discrimination? less favourable treatment of an individual due to a particular attributes such as age, gender, sexuality, marital status and religion.
what is indirect discrimination? occurs as a result of the policies that unintentionally treat groups unfavourbale b/c of such atributes.
example: that all police must be a certain height. Apart of policy indirect or direct discrimination. Indirect discrimination.
What does the fairwork body do? works to achieve balance and fairness in Australian workplaces.
Name at least 5 NES.. - Fairwork information statement. -Annual leave - 4 weeks aid per year. -
what is the fairwork statement the fairwork statement....
List and provide details for 3 pieces of Commonwealth anti-discrimination legislation. Racial discrimination Act 1975 Sex discrimination Act 1984 Equal opportunity for women in the workplace Act 1999 - EOWA (equal opportunity to women in the workforce agency
What is the OPPM and HREOC? operations procedure policy manual & human rights and equal oppurtunities commission.
What is the difference between an award and an agreement? A agreement is negotiated contract between and employee (or their union representative) and their employer. An award are set by the AIRC (Australian industrial relation commission)
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