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determining and identity

intelligence the ability to aquir and apply knowledge and skills.
cultivation to improve or developed something; to faster growth
profound having or showing great knowledge or understanding
coercion making somebody do something
emulation trying to equal or surpass somebody or something that us successful
mimic copying someone
conformist being the same or making something the same
denotation definition of a word
connotation the positive or negative associations a word carries
influence the effect of something on a person, thing or event; to an effect
interference delaying or preventing a natural or or desired course
meddler to interfere in an unwanted way
peer a person that is the same age as you or is in a social class
affluence wealthy; prosperous; having an abundance of material possessions
authentic genuine and original; acting in a genuine and original way
defiance to openly resist, challenge, or rebel against
ethos the distinctive character of a group, typically expressed in attitudes, habits and beliefs
glorification to make something or someone appear superior; to praise something
guise a false outward appearance
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