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Comm test #2

Media and Society

7. Walt Disney started with a film short that eventually became mickey mouse
8. Adolph Zukor founded paramount pictures and developed Hollywood studio system.
9. Hollywood Studio System business model vertically oriented signed stars, directors, writer to exclusive contracts
14. Philo Farnsworth inventor and television pioneer
15. David Sarnoff pioneer of radio and tv
16. Pat Weaver radio advertising executive
20. walled gardens software system where the carrier controls content that is accessible
22. ARPAnet. original internet
25. Mark Zuckerberg CEO of facebook social network
27. began as an online book store but progressed to sell numerous of items.
28. iTunes apple music store
29. targeted marketing specific audience market team is aiming for
30. Google search engine
31. YouTube viral video sharing
32. John Peter Zenger wrote articles on his opinion William cosby, arrested for libel
33. James Gordon Bennett organized first newsroom and reporting New York Herald
Libel A published false statement that is damaging to a persons reputation. Written defamation
slander false spoken statements damaging to a persons reputation
35. Periods of Journalism and their traditions Gov should keet its hands off the press. First amendment, news media forum for debate
36. Samuel Morse Invented the telegraph, lightning news for civil war battle
37. Horace Greeley developed editorials, newspaper to fight social ills
38. Benjamin Day Newspaper publisher best known for founding the new york sun
39. The Pulitzer‐Hearst circulation war the yellow period competition between the New York World and New York Journal, yellow kid, quest to sell more copies.
40. the Spanish‐American War Hearst “You furnish the pic and ill furnish the war” fight between us and spain over Cuban war of independence.
41. the Associated Press non profit cooperative owned new agency,were told to write from nonpartisan point of you.
42. watchdog function. The role of a watchdog journalist as a guardian is to supply the citizens with information they must have "to prevent the abuse of power"
43. News hole the amount of space available for news
44. gatekeepers. delete, trim, to improve msgs.
45. Investigative reporting form of journalism in which reporters deeply investigate
46. Muckraking term that fdr made popular. Journalist who wrote for popular magazine whose pupose was to advocate reform and change.
47. Publick Occurrences first multi-page newspaper in the Americas
48. Alien and Sedition his Act prohibited public opposition to the government. Fines and imprisonment could be used against those who "write, print, utter, or publish . . . any false, scandalous and malicious writing" against the government.
49. Public relations definition safety valve for freedom, become more socially aware of subject matter.
50. social Darwinism a survival of the fittest attitude towards business
51. Ivy Lee publicist from new york who helped mine owners and help ease long standing tensions.
52. John D. Rockefeller Jr. Ludlow massacre, Lee convince JD to tour mine and put a human face on the corporate mogul
53. Ludlow Massacre was an attack by the national guard of Colorado on striking coal miners.
54. Elmer Davis head of ww2 office of war information
55. Office of War Information agency to consolidate info and promote patriotism
56. George Creel’s Committee on Public Information campaign to counter anti-war sentiments ww1
59. crisis management hired for what if scenarios, for preventing crisis situations and picking up the pieces
60. Jack Abramoff lobbyist who was involved in scheming clients for illegally bribing legislators
61. differences between PR and advertising PR people help shape policy. Advertisers come in and create persuasive messages after decision making is done
62. contingency planning. is a plan devised for an outcome other than in the usual (expected) plan
63. internal public relation in house communication
external public relations Relations outside organization
65. integrated marketing communication Involve Pr and Advs
66. institutional advertising Advertising that sells an identity, not a product
67. Dialogic theory in public relations mutuality, propinquity, empathy, risk, commitment.
68. Public Relations Society of America made a code of conduct of professional standards and certification process
70. William Caxton printed the first form advertisement
71. Wayland Ayer American advertisement businessman
72. media plan Decided where ads are placed to reach the right target, cpm
73. Nielsen Tv ratings
74. Arbitron Radio ratings
75. the Audit Bureau of Circulations independently verifies print and digital circulation, mobile apps, website analytics, social media, technology platforms and audience information
77. David Ogilvy the father of advertising brand image.
78. Brand‐name advertising vs. store brands lifestyle
79. LCD lowest common denominator for example dish soap with oxy clean to distinguish with others.
80. USP unique selling proposition
81. CPM cost per thousand
82. FTC federal trade commission inorder to protect companies against companies, prevent anti-competitive
83. redundancy techniques Barrages – intensive ad campaigns, Bunching – bunch ad until event occurs, Trailing – don’t miss the #1 movie in america
Barrages intensive ad campaigns
Bunching bunch ad until event occurs
Trailing don’t miss the #1 movie in america
84. viral advertising youtube, all over the place
85. product placement. attract the right crowd
86. Infomercials commercial made to look like tv show about product
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