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A&E M. St. John Point Combinations for LU/LI/SP/ST.

Shoulder Pain Local: LI 15, HT 1 Distal: ST 38
Jaw Pain, TMJ ST 5 & 7
Jaw Pain with teeth grinding associated with LV Qi Stagnation ST 6, GB 20, GB 21, LV3
Elbow Pain LI 10, LI 11, HT 3, SI 8
Pain in all 5 Fingers with difficulty flexing and extending SI4, SI7, LI 5, TW 3
Knee Pain ST35, Xiyan, Heding. ST 34, GB 34, SP 10, SP 9
Ankle Pain SP 5, ST 41
Tonify Qi SP 6, ST 36, CV 6, CV 12, Tonify Qi especially for upper warmer add CV 17, LU 9
Tonify Liver and Heart Blood SP 6, ST 36, LV 8, CV 4, HT 7; BL 15,17,18,20.
Tonify Yin and Yang KD3, SP 6, ST 36, CV 4, BL 23
Tonify SP Qi, resolve dampness SP 3, SP 9
Invigorate Blood for Blood Stagnation of Lower Warmer SP 4,6,8,10
Descends rebellious ST Qi, reducing vomiting, heartburn CV 12, ST 21 - Beam Door
Severe vomiting: e.g., early in pregnancy,r ebellious Qi of ST and Chong Mai SP 4, PC6, CV12, ST 21, BL 21
Drive out Excess accumulation of fluids, resolve damp heat in Lower Warmer CV3, CV9, ST28 (ShuiDao), ST39 (lower HeSea SI)
Release exterior wind-heat GV14, GV16, LI4, LU 7
Clear Lung Heat and Phlegm LU 5, LI 11, ST 40
Cough with Bloody Sputum from wind-heat, laryngitis with loss of voice or hoarseness LU 6, LI 11
Severe Sore Throat- tonsilitis LU 10, LU 11, LI 11, LI 18, LU Mu (LI1), Lung Shu (BL 13)
Asthma with Rebellious Qi of the Lung with wheezing, cough, constriction of throat CV 22, LU 7
Nose Problems GV23, LI4, LI20, Bitong
Sinus Congestion & Infection with Fire and Phlegm ST44, ST2, ST 3, ST 8, ST40
Facial Pain & Paralysis e.g. Bell's Palsy CV 24, ST4, ST 6
Promote Labor and Delivery SP 6, LI 4
Controls Excessive Menstrual Bleeding SP 1 direct moxa, SP 8, HT 5
Reduce nightsweats HT 6, SI3, LI11
Clear damp heat in BL for cystitis CV3, HT5, HT8, LI11
Skin disorders due to damp heat & blood stagnation SP 6, SP 10, LI 11, BL 40, GB 31
Float the boat constipation with hard, dry stools SP 6, KD 6, TW 6
Combination that treats disorders of the Intestines ST 25 (LI Mu), BL 25 (LI Shu), ST 37 (Lower He Sea LI)
Breast Disorders: mastitis, abscess, insufficient Lactation Local: ST 16, ST 17 (don't treat), ST 18, Distal SI 1, SI 11.
Points that help others (ST & SP) SP 15 strengthens the function of ST 25
Source Luo Combinations: Edema, facial puffiness, descends LU Qi downward LU 9, LI 6
Source Luo Combinations: strengthens SP and transforms Phlegm SP 3, ST 40
Created by: CTNESA