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Who are the main charecters? Wren and Darra
What was part one about? The Way You Might Remember Your Friend
What was part two about? Its All Her Fault
What was part three about? The Diving Raft
What was Wren wearing when she was in the car (during part one)? A pink dress and pink shoes
Where was Wren hideing when she was in the garage? In the bout
What did Wren use to cover herself with when she was in the bout? Darras dads sweatshirt
What was the name of Wrens doll? Kamara
Who was Darras Fathers name? West
What was Darras cats name? Archie
What was the name of Darras Mothers name? Stacy
What was Wrens idea of getting out the garage the first time? Get in the back seat of the car
What was Wrens second idea of getting out the garage? Get through Archies cat dore
Who was the younger kid in cabin two who had a little crush on Darra? Sam
Who liked Darra and Darra liked back? Jeremy
What was the camp called? Camp Oakwood
Who was the "Fashion Police"? Savannah
When Darra asked Wren to play Marco Polo what did Wren do? Kick Darra
Who was Camp Oakwood's principle? Mrs.Seeger
What club at Camp Oakwood? Life Saving
What was the game they learned a at Life Saving? Drown Last
For Drown Last (game) what was the one and only rule? If someone taps you three times that means they give up and you win
What can happen if you try to save someone? They might get scared and fight you back (maybe being able to drown you)
Why did they play Drown Last? So you know how it feel when you have to rescue someone and then they get scared so they fight back
Did Wren meet Darras mom/Stacy? Yes
Created by: Karinakoz